Angelic Romance by valraven

Angelic Romance

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Added: Jan 12, 2002
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This is a detail of a much larger picture. But I put much work into the details you can see more clearly in this version.

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My congratulations for the author of this masterpiece! Sir, it is so beatiful that I cannot stop thinking about it... about the story of the couple.Moreover I think that there is a story written already for them. Have you ever read "Archangel" by Sharon Shinn? It's them... Archangel Gabriel and Rachel, his Angelica. He actually was black haired and had the bracelets (she was his wife and also had the same... as we can see on the artwork:)).I love the book and I was looking for a long time for an art that could show them... and I found this one! Amazing!!! Is there any chance for seeing more angelic sketches like this one from you? I would also like to see the large version of this one...
Once again: thank you, thank you, thank you for so amazingly beautifull art.
P.S. The angel sure is hot:D

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I have no art experience at all, i can not tell you wether it is professional type work or not HOWEVER this is a great piece in my opinion i think that the detail was not spared. You can look at it 10 times and find something new to look at... for example the fourth time i noticed the lady's tattoo, very interesting, and your very handsome man's harness (or watever it is) that goes across his chest. Nice work Mr. Wilke. You have a flair for artwork.

Cyrena J.

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I love this picture, and we have the same last name.

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good piece...probably the best one

my opinion is fluff! I like pagans too

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Thank you for that comment - exactly my opinion, too, especially considering the "transforming".

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the pose, the girl's hair are obviously "taken" from Royo's "caress". look at this that way: 1)the kissing motif is painted by most painters 2)in ancient rome the artist was really great if he knew to TRANSFORM a painting, poem, or whatever into something personal - he was not supposed to invent a new motif 3)noone complains about songcovers - saying it's another creation based on the same idea.

*blink to epilogue guest from 2002-03-02*
Artist judgments and art tastes are changing with time, place,.. so as every culture and mentality does. Anyway, who can tell the artists what do to but them..

In my opinion that's it.

To me Daniel's picture is lovely. Well, I especially have a soft spot for longhair guys, viril but gentle...I love the idea to make him an angel!(with black long hair ;>) There is such a serenity coming out of the picture, with strenght, safety, love, and beauty

keep on working, Daniel
(BTW..."caress" is my favourite pic of Royo)

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what can i say.....oh i know
hmmmm i love it
it brings memories

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OMG this is so like wow i loooovee it . this is somthing that ive always thought of doing but wasnt able

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Amazing inking!

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:P~ nipple peirceings *drools* me think you should of pierced hers too

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This is a wonderful picture.

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and there's nice detail indeed (especially on the man's bracelet thingy). Nice pose amd interesting details.

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Thank you - I'm happy that you like it that much. And yes, you are right about the chain. The Idea of equipping his collar with that chain came to me when I was nearly finished with the picture. There is no story, but feel free to invent one ^-^

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i keep returning to look at this picture, as i love it and think its brilliant, but ive only just noticed there is a cahin coming from the mans coller? is he a slave? id love to know the story behind this if there is one

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beautiful! I am a sucker for romantic pictures ^.^

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I have to agree with the last person on one level only. This is dose seem to be very Royo inspired and I know of the picture in question, this is nothing like the couple kneeling in blue. Many pieces of arts like books have been inspired from other artist but should like this one come out be orignal. I love the detail of the braclets and the tatoo on the arms. Very beautiful indeed. Anyone who say's this was copyed obviously dosnt rember the Royo picture of the couple in blue. I have to say I like this piece better then the rest for the energy thats captured. Very nice indeed.

~Jacinda Rayn~

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The pose is similar to the Royo artwork, but everything else is different - it's a NEW picture. As you can imagine, there is only a finite way to draw two humans hugging each other. And in every old-school artist training the apprentice had to learn by copying works of established artists. I didn't copy, but tried the same pose and my ppl there look quite different, if you'll make a direct comparison.

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This piece looks similar to one of Luis Royo's work. I do not think that it's a coincidence; based on my judgment I believe you have copied from Luis Royo except you have made a few changes. I guess you're not as good as you seem, because for an artist to copy is cheating. That is not the way of a good artist.

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I just love this picture! It reminds me of how love can be so sweet..Wink Literally. The artwork is very detailed, and that I believe is what makes it so original and breath-taking. I'm glad I could see it as I was passing by.

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Das Bild ist klasse: vor allem der Engel Wink der linke Flügel ist ein bißchen seltsam gebogen aber das stört eigentich nicht..

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wow, this pic is brilliant. i love the man. he looks a great deal like a charachet in my story, the hair is perfect and so are the eyes. i love the hair on the lady too, its so silvery! . great work.

Art at its best.