Polar Drak by dakka

Polar Drak

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Added: Dec 31, 2002
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Illustration done for the "Speculative Dinosaur Project", an online natural history theorizing a what-if scenario if the dinosaurs would have kept evolving. Creature concept was originally created by SDP author Daniel Benson, and my color art was rendered from his rough pencil sketches. Here, the Polar Drak, an warm-blooded ecological replacement for the polar bear, awaits air-breathing prey above an arctic air hole.

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In a world dominated by reptiles, one would have to assume that eventually all ecological niches would have to be filled in some manner. Thanks for the comments!

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this is nice, but i find it mutch more like the Baryonix, a fish eater from the late cretatious. You are amazing dude ^_^ *thumbs up*

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One thing of note. While I realize this is hypothetical and all, I thought I would point out that reptiles don't usually have fur. They are cold blooded and therefore would not evolve in a cold environment.

But enough technicalities, rendering is very good.

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This is the most awesome photo-'nip I've seen

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Woah! That's FREAKY! Great work.

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Very cool creature design.
You bring a new level of respect to photo manipulation.

Art at its best.