Song of Spring (extended) by ivy77

Song of Spring (extended)

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Added: Jun 09, 2002
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Never gave a description for this previously. I was getting alot of rejects here so I didn't want to waste time describing it incase it didn't make the cut. If you haven't already guessed, It's a scene from the Pied Piper. Its the first piece I did in watercolour after flipping though a book by Rackham. The layout is based on a Wagner Ring drawing where Brunhilde and her steed are framed and segmented by trees of the forest.

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I have seen Amano's work and yes, I don't see any resemblance, not even in the way I use colours, Amanos stlye is much more abstract and loose. Your assumption is correct Erik, the piper is calling forth spring in his wake, hence the title, although this picture is based on the piped piper story but I decided to add another element of myticsm to it.

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don't think it looks like amano's style at all. this one is very nice still.
am I correct to asume the plants and flowers shooting out behind his footsteps becouse of him?

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i agree about the likeness to amano. not so much with the look and style of the people but the way it's been coloured...and the look and style of the trees too. it reminds me of the pied piper. way kewl.

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hmmm..Never heard of him/her, I better go and check out his/her work..Actually, this piece was inspired by Arthur Rackham's pen and watercolour work, right down to using the pale trees as frames. Sanya, go and check out Ring of the Niebelungs, his best work
I reckon, Ta Smile

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Gee, I only just noticed that this got picked as an editors choice, I nearly fell off my chair. I can see how it looks unfinished, In the original the colours are deeper the scan washes out the transparancy I may do a better scan later...bounces off...boing!!!!! Thanks Steph!!!

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I have one thing to say to you: Awesome!!! It kinda reminds me of Yoshitaka Amano's recent style.
-Sanya L-

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It looks a bit unfinished...In my opinion,the trees need more color,especially the branches.Apart from that,I can see why Steph liked this picture...

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This extension just gives the picture so much more meaningan and depth. Transition from winter to spring is wonderfully made. Congratulations with the editors pick. It's well deserved!

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Beautiful painting Ivy, I just love everything about it, suberb work !!

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Funny isn't it? I got distracted with digital work for a while, and have only recently picked up my brush again, I don't intend to swap it with the mouse for a bit, thanks for your fine comments Smile

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I was looking at your digital pieces and while it was good work it can't compare with your water color. Truly wondeful style and technique. Keep up the goodwork!

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