Thy Seal to My Heart by mhogarth

Thy Seal to My Heart

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Added: Dec 04, 2001
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Love and honor, duty and courage; across culture and race two join their fates together.

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Very interesting characters! The picture makes me want to read a book about them. I bet it would be interesting. ^_^

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You're very good with colored pencil. I really like your style.

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And there's a workshop on this one too that includes the step-by-step scans, including some of the preliminary sketches and architecture thumbnails, and notes on the language. Smile I'm not really that patient! I just make sure there's lots of little pieces to color in each piece of art, that way I can do something and say, 'Oh, I'm done with the dress, I've accomplished something', or 'If I can just get the sleeve done today, I'll put it away for a while.'

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It's really beautifull.... The theme and background remind me of the broken chains piece. Yu're awesome with skies. The coloring is great, seems like yu are one patient lady ~.^

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Hi, Christine! Thanks for your kind praise on my Epilogue galleries. I'm working on more colored pencil pieces, but I haven't uploaded any yet. Soon! In the meantime, I hope you'll find something to tide you over on my website (

As to the paper and saturation, I typical use Bristol (plate by preference, but vellum if nothing else is available). Saturation is probably due mostly to the pencils themselves (Berol Prismacolors and Berol Verithins . . . a lot of pigment!). And wax does build up on the pieces as I work, but I usually just wisk it off gently with my fingers. If there's a lot of black, I might spray it lightly with a fixative to prevent the wax bloom, but generally it's no trouble just to dust it myself.

Hope this helps!

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Just wanted to know how you got such saturated colors with pencil. What sort of paper did you use? And did you have to worry about waxy build-up on the picture? (Not your ears. Ba-dum-bum!)

Art at its best.