Broken Chains by mhogarth

Broken Chains

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 07, 2001
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We would quickly create intelligence in our own image, bestowing sapience on animals and lifting them to our level. But not all experiments go well. Sometimes the chains that make us are also the chains that destroy us. This man reflects on the fragility of life and genetic destiny.

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I visited the writeup, and i'm glad i did. It made me discover details i didnt saw before, like the chains of the dna on the curtain. And at first i thought the curtain was her dress, as like they we're one, since they are the same color and Fellen (if i remembered right, thats his name) is sitting for her so i can't see the transition of the girl and the curtain. Anyhoo, i just wanted to say how much i loved the story and urge behind this drawing and i loved seeing the work in progress. Do yu have that with more of yu're artwork?

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Thanks for your comments! I really appreciate them. If you want to learn more about this piece (and see step-by-step scans of it), I have a write-up here.

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I really like the background design on this one. Your use of complimentary colours works well also.

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I just love this, i have to. It's mysterious, enchanting, luring and awing. Cant get my eyes of it

Art at its best.