Azrael Descends by dila-sol

Azrael Descends

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 07, 2001
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Artwork Description

Angel Az says 'hi' to ya. Wink

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Very cool, love the layers, the lighting, the pose, the freaky heads with writhing hair (seems like, which is cool), the off-center composition....etc, etc. Nice pic, I digs it.

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Bisshonen! *cling*

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Beautiful piece, you've capture the motion perfectly. The only thing that I saw was that it kind of looks like his sword is coming from his head... but for all I know it could be! *drools over Az* He's cute!! ^_^

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What can I say?
Lovely, that's what...ha ha
Another great pic.
I'm jelous now and wish I could draw and colour that well. ^^

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Hey! i totally love this pic. it shows so much...*thinks of a word*...character. thats the word. so much character. well i better go! Bye!
Silver Storm

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Aaaaaaa...... I think my jaw just broke...
You're so damn good ! Ever consider to make your own anime ?

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Yay, another winged figure! Guys with wings are so gorgeous (I've got a few myself)... Smile He just hits me right in the heart!

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Light.....I need more light....O.o Yeah.....that's an awesome pic!

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uh... wow.
That's pretty much all I can say.
So much pretty light:D

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Woooooow....Amazing effects..I love the pose of the guy....

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It's very reminescent of angel Sanctuary. You have a very bright and colorful take on the anime style..I like it alot! His feet seem a little elongated though, perhaps due to the angle they're at? I like the glowing effect of his wings and the lines that break up the pic. Az is a hottie^_~

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J: Bombigular. And Bodacious! Azrael kicks ass!!

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unbelievable.....just unbelievable...YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST ANIME DRAWER I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME!
i love your work and hope you keep it up.
~Anita ^-^

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Lmao! Don't ya worry, it makes me laugh and reminds me of something my brother would do on purpose. ^_^ And thank you!

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That was me above, heheh. Hit enter intstead of tab, but I think you get the idea. You rock! Especially this picture, it's awesome. Keep up the good work!


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Art at its best.