The Light that Crept Through the Abandoned Library by dila-sol

The Light that Crept Through the Abandoned Library

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Added: Dec 08, 2001
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Unity and Kish (from my series Beyond Realm) with the butterflies.

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I love it!!! It reminds me of some very close to me. Not to thorw a pitty party or anything but that person is my bf and he's in Iran. Can I sent this to him?

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wow this is a beautiful piece! they are such a cute couple! you have some serious talent! ^_^ love it! - pixie

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I LOVE all your work, but i have to say this has to be my favorite. It must be the whole feeling of a gothic love from the chick & the feeling of "i won't let anything happen to you." from the guy. Tis one of my Dream Romances. Ish i think i wrote a story like this, where something dramtic happend to the chick & the guy took all the pain away. But he killed her instead...

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I love how you show there love keep up with this scene.

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lovely romantic and so so sweet

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This image makes me wanna cry. I wish life could be like a story or cartoon. It's so unfair. Or at least I wish I could find a guy so sweet who would hold me close and never let me slip from his warm, loving embrace.
It's so unfair.
That or at least I could draw the guy of my dreams or something. But, compared to you, I'm really ____ <-- Happy word, Bad.
Can lots of cutes guys or something? ^-^

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This is so awesome!!! I love it! The butterflies, the light rays, everything is just so beautiful! *stares intently at picture* Great job!! ^__^

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This is so amazing! Do more like it!! They're sooo cute! Smile

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*throws a fit of jealous rage*

grrrr........ why can't I do that....
*kicks inability to paint*

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^^ butterfly. Yeah! unity rocks

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Thanks! It's lovely to know that my work makes you think like that! ^_^

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this is too cool, beauitful and romantic, something that rocks with ur work, i love the hidden story here, or the possiblities, maybe they fell down a well, wahtever. very beautiful.

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I give it 5 stars!

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Wow, this is fantastic. I love the butterflies and the purple hear! The background is also beautiful done! Nice!

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OOO I got first commmeeeent! This is extrordinarily beautiful Gill , but everything you do is! ^_~

Art at its best.