Martial Art Series #2 by sade

Martial Art Series #2

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 16, 2005
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second part of this series.
i hope he look like less girlish.

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Nem szeretnék vele egy sötét sikátorban találkozni Tongue

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I'm glad you like it

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Ooh. Pretty, to say the least. I'd love to see some more of him in other stances. Good work~

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thank you. No, i didn't want to be too much realistic (overall, this is a fantasy piece Wink). I choosed this weapon (i call it simple putu Smile) becouse for me, it look like harder than example one sword. And yes, my teeth is broke into it. I hope you will like the next.. hopefully. But i must share the less good pictures too, like this, for a build like comments, what i recived from you, and Storn A. Cook.
(and yes, when i finished i liked it. now i don't, becouse i'm already see the mistakes, what You saw. I hope i will don't make mistake next time Smile)

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straight and facing 3/4 up, not downwards.
If executed the way he's doing it he'll probably strain something, besides getting up fast and in a stable stance would be a problem.

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I bow to your courage in tackling such a difficult and somewhat 'tricky' subject.
As a student of traditional martial arts, could I , with no offence meant, suggest that you try to find some good photos of the techniques? They may look simple but are often terribly complex to do (and paint) correctly.
For instance, when doing p'u t'ui (this one) both feet must be totally in contact with the ground, the knee of the extended leg should be almost str

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:hug: Smile

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thank you
yes, i tried do something with it, but i had minor problem with it.. buuut: at least he look like as a MAN. (hopefully Smile
i will try a better pose, and develope the shading technique
You made me happy again Smile

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You keep tackling wonderfully difficult poses. Kudos. The figure's right leg (to our left) looks a bit "bendy"... needs some knee structure underneath the leather. But I like it quite a bit overall.

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I like also the background!

Art at its best.