Shakespearian Dream by sade

Shakespearian Dream

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 18, 2006
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Huh. I wanted to put many things in this piece! The lineart is begun a little art neuvo style, but the colouring turned out a little minimalistic.. i really love Craig Mulling's art, and i keept the rough colours, but i made deeper with some texture.. wheow.. i hope you like it.

(Credit: Thank you Sophie, aka Lockstock for the modelling (and who won my contest!!, and Resurgere for the textures)
(Technically information: Original size is 3000px heigh, the lineart made with corel draw, the colouring is photoshop (100,80,60,40 ... px wide brushes), and the last strokes made with Corel Photopaint. )

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I would never have thought this piece wasn't on paper, it looks so much like inks and watercolours. That's fabulous, it doesn't have the plastic look a lot of computer-done art has to it.

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I love this!! Laughing out loud *hugs* Keep it up!

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Annyira nem. Talán a szívecskék miatt az arcán.

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i hope my little tutorial was useful. it can work in traditioanl media too

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Sade, I already told you how I loved this new piece of yours, but I thought I would repeat it here. And for the record, yes, I am privileged: I got to see it before it got into Epi ! Smile Lucky and proud me. Smile

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nice to hear from you again
and nice to hear it!!

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Rita, you are not gonna believe this. Just got an email before coming into Epi to look around, got an email from someone I didn't know who came upon my site and was a Magic player way, he recommends a site by a friend he works with, a matte painter...guess who....Mullins! Then, the first image I check out coming into Epi is yours, referencing Mullins...weird, huh?

Oh, and the piece is da

Art at its best.