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Also known as "The Destroyer." Usun was hatched during the Age of Dragons, and lives by a very Darwinian creed. During the Age of Legend he was a solitary and violent master of the wild Liaj Jungle, permitting few other Namegivers to share it. He did, however, cooperate with his fellow Great Dragons during the Second Theran War.

Sirrurg's time in the Sixth world is marked by conflict; the dragon is known to have destroyed EuroAir flight 329 in 2041; suspected to have attacked several corps and governments in Europe; and was the third great dragon to form Amazonia. Currently, Sirrurg is purportedly tracking down a group that may have hunted hibernating dragons during the down cycle. During the Age of Legend, Usun laired in the Liaj Jungle. During the Sixth World, Sirrurg lairs within the Amazonian Jungle.

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Óóóóóó, õ a legeskedvencem! ^^ Naaaagyon széééééép!!!! (((:

micross's picture

Great dragon. He looks evil...very reptillian look. Are you working on a novel or something? It sounds interesting.

sade's picture

its not rendering Laughing out loud it begun as lineart-study but i bored it
and overtextured Smile

carles's picture

Well Rita, I must say, this is something really knew from what we used to see from you. But no less great in rendering and tecture work. Keep it up ! Smile

Art at its best.