He caught the Unicorne by muffin

He caught the Unicorne

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Added: May 19, 2002
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I felt like trying some panoramic format. Im having fun drawing horses, I tried to give the unicorne a strange look (so it's not mistaken for a horse... or perhaps a bigger horn ?) opinions and comments welcome

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wow i love it! i love the colors and how the background is. great work! im a huge fan of horses so i appricat this.

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magical... yet believable

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Landscape reminds me of the Italian countryside at dusk (or what I imagine it looks like).

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i love how you did the sky ! so purdy!!!! **is in awe*** **pets image**

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a more distinct horn--it's not that it's too small, it's just i can hardly see it with the size of the picture---otherwise LUV IT!

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If its any help, there's a gallery somewhere here on epiloque w/ pics of very unique unicorns, although I can't remember the name but the person's unicorns were SO amazing!! (boy that was a lot of help) But anyway, they didn't try to draw a delicate beast but they drew it like those adorable pigme horses! Ever seen those? Cute and shaggy. Anyway, I think yes maybe a bigger horn would help but from a distance you probably won't be able to see the horn anyway. A unicorn isn't only recognisable by its horn...you can make any normal horse a unicorn by sticking a horn on it you know? Some regular horses look like unicorns from a distance...I think what I'm trying to say is if you say its a unicorn, its a unicorn. End of story. No two unicorns are alike.

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The unicorne does look like a horse. A bigger horn would help, a deer body would be better as it is how they were first depicted (body of a deer, tail of a lion). But the picture is very nice in itself. SOme more panoramics ?

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The panoramic format looks really neat, it gives such a wide perspective. It makes it seem like you're more in the picture, so the atmosphere is stronger. Cool Smile

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