Warrior by mio-chan


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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 18, 2001
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Another photorealistic pic of mine.

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vengince's picture

I like the hidden face in this one..gives it a sense of mystery. I like yor pencils please do more.

kvilimek's picture

Reminds me of a Samurai,....maybe a moment of silent waiting. Like how you covered the eyes, makes it so moody. Ah I can see why Tris likes your art work so much! ;-D

moonknight's picture

this looks really good, ^_^ I really like it.

mio-chan's picture

Hehe thank you.. I can assure you that you're going to see more. ^-^

blueunicorn's picture

Great clothes! The pencil work is super. Hope to see more.

mio-chan's picture

*staring at the pic* O_o
Is this really as good a pic as you guys say it is... meesah don't think so.

mio-chan's picture

I've got about 5 pic pending... (waiting for aproval) However none of the seems to get through.. *sighs*
I hate to wait. >.<

mio-chan's picture

Thank you... ^-^

Guest's picture

Niiice...I like her/his hood and furry sleeve thingie

Guest's picture

hm i think i have seen this before... Wink there's more to come?

granli's picture

I've said it before, and I'm saying it again, AWESOME pic!

mio-chan's picture

Hmmm now that you mention it.. I'm not really sure if it's a he or a she! >.<
The body is the one of a male... the face however... Um well let's just say that it might be a Trans. OK? ^-^

Guest's picture

very lovely image.. i really like the clothing you gave her.. different.

mio-chan's picture

It's digital.
^-^ thanx

mio-chan's picture

Yeah you told me so.. ^-^
I just didn't believe it myself...
This is so cool. I checked my ranking.
I'm already up at 258.Moving up! ^^
*smiles* Thanx for getting me here.

Guest's picture

Awesome, yu did al that with pencil? Wow, thats really something. Did yu drew the background also with pencil or is it digital? Either way, i have reason enough to call this awesome XD

teaweed's picture

Aha, see I told you that you'd get accepted. Smile

Art at its best.