Phantoms walk at Noon by amarys

Phantoms walk at Noon

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Added: Jun 03, 2003
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The rim of the sun slide from behind Oceanus. Light spilled across the dunes. The Avarclon gave a low moan of despair. His eyes were dull and glazed. His flesh shrank and melted beneath the skin. Aeriel could see his bones.
'What is it?' she cried softly. 'What is happening?'
The starhorse moaned again and shuddered. 'Avaric!' he cried.
'Avaric, Avaric!'

(From 'The Darkangel' by Meredith Ann Pierce ^_^ )

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recently i chose this painting to draw for the oilpainting class .. It is truly a brilliant artist gifted

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This is beautiful and filled with emotion i really like it

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this is stunning! I can't get enough of it.. love the movement of the horse, it's like in slow-motion. The Moonlike feeling is also very cool, greatgreat job!

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I loved that book! Beautiful representation of that part! Absolutely gorgeous!

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ive read this book and the small series. it is one of my favorite novels! this is an awesome contribution to what meredith anne pierce's words weave in your mine. i am a large fan of yours...keep it up!-->sara

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wow that is good. it reminds me of the novel 'black unicorn'. its a lovely book.

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This is increadible! I read that book and immediatley picked up on the quote. Thank you for doing this! Us non-artistic people yearn to draw images such as this, but can only be satisfied for others to do so. Incredible, truly.

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it is amazing, it very affeck to me.

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Sorry! *unicorn*

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Yet another book I want to read because of your amazing art work. I love the feathers from the horses wings, and the horse itself really. You have amazing talent. Keep up the superb work!

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Every time i come in here to elfwood to look at art, i always have to view urs, even if i have seen it already a hundred times before....ur great and i love all ur work:}

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the bones are creepy but it is really cool, because i think it is supposed to be that way.... good work!

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When i red the book.. (in swedish though) but i couldn't really imagine this scene.. but.. um.. now i can..Tongue thanks to you:D

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aaaaargh...this is wonderful!

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This is quite a disturbing piece for me. I think it's because of what's happening to my beloved unicorn. But the artistic rendition is superb: you are truly a master of visual art!! All masters can affect their audience this way. You have my admiration.

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The horse is wordless.

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lovely painting but you might want to include who/where the quote is from. I forget which book that one is from but its one of the Dark Angel trilogy. People like to know where the inspiration came from.

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Amazing work, this is so beautiful, everything looks so perfect, wow!

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This is astonishing! I'm always interested in equestrian-themed work, but this is a quite unique and great concept, superbly rendered, totally excellent Smile

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beautiful painting, and very narrative as well.

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I am quickly becoming a huge fan of your art. This is stunning.

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wow,this is a piece with a difference!.i really like the dream quality to this[eventhough it is rather nighmare-ish],great piece of art annah

Art at its best.