Summer Breeze by weezr4

Summer Breeze

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 12, 2002
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Just two of my characters Thyme (green hair/elf) and Reiss (dragon knight). The two became quick friends after Reiss had saved Thyme from a chimera Laughing out loud

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My god. This is adorable. You deserve some sort of medal, ribbon, or simple congratulations.

Well, I guess a good round of applause is in order! This is a wonderful peice, full of cheer and neatly done. I myself can not draw for beans, and admire your skill.

Eh em. Very nice. Very Adorable. Mostly original. Congratulations!

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you are very good!!! you should dray a mermaid.

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yeah, it's been a while hasn't it Melly o.o;... anyhoo, i think the red-tone for the outline really gives it an artsy feel, great color choices ^_^

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Awww, thank you so much! *hugs* It is sorta romantic huh? ^_^ I do like the eyes the best! But, I constantly try to develop different styles Laughing out loud Thanks for dropping by!

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Ah, thanks so much for the pointers! Yeah Thyme's head is, as he was hit by an anvil from above x_X;; I really appreciate the crit Laughing out loud Thanks for dropping by!

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I really love your color choices here (esp. on the dragonknight). Neat outfit designs, too.

It may be just me, but it seems like greenhair's head is chopped off at the top. I think I know what you were going for (us being slightly under him, only able to see the bangs), but the way his face is right now, it seems to call for more cranium at the top.

And...there's my babble for today. Smile

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Hey! I love that pic so romantic keke ^_~ Ooo wish i could be like you!
Their eyes are the nicest! hehe keep up da good work hehe

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Hiya! Ehehe, yeah I noticed that too about my sig @_@ But I was in a hurry to finish this piece ^_^;; I'll fix that when I have some time, but thanks for pointing that out! Wow, I never noticed it, but your right! Thyme's head is flat. Heheh, I won't make the same mistake again next time around! Thank you so much for dropping by! Laughing out loud

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Hey Davison! Thanks so much! I really love your work! ^__^

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Ooh la la, Ils sont beau, oh yeah anglais. i like it, its very beautiful, i dont usually like digital work, but this is very good, one complaint though, you signed your name much too large, it takes away from the overall effect, otherwise it is very well done, another slight problem with the flattened head, but that is understandable, i sometimes do the same thing, for my dislike of cutting parts off of my work. you are a highly talented artist, maybe if there were more like you i wouldnt dispise the digital medium. thank you for sharing your work, hope to see more like this in the future.

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Hi Melissa ^_^ WOW I love it, I love this characters, Their clothes, their hair, this color and their EYES are so cool!! I love it... congratulations!

Art at its best.