famous killer from London by pagan

famous killer from London

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Added: Dec 23, 2002
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concept built on a serial killer, guess who?

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...this is my inspiration for the day! Beautiful, sexy, deadly. Hopefully all the things you were going for, if not more? Laughing out loud

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If this is what a killer looks like.... he can kill me anyday... very sexy... beautiful

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Right when I read the title and saw the little icon-ish preview before I clicked to see the actual size image, I knew it was Jack The Ripper.
I love murderers, so it wasn't hard to know who this person was.

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I love everything about this picture its really good

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You know it does remind me of Nick Cave and the song Red Right Hand. All though the bloods on his left hand. Superb otherwise.

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Eep! Scary, but so awsome! I love the contrast of the black and white in the background. He does remind me of Louie, but scarier. Lol. Great pic.

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Jó dolog itt magyarokat látni... A rejz pedig király! ^_^ OKami

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You know what, this famouse killer looks like Nick Cave Smile That occupation should fit him as well as a music artist and poet/writer Laughing out loud
(Anna xanna@swipnet.se)

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Cooool...I love the face particularly.

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tis brad pit aka luis from Interview with a vampire right!???

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This pic is very nicely done - though most of you probably do not know how Jack went about brutally killing and maiming 5 prostitutes. I suggest you read up on him. Some of the stuff he did was pretty amazingly genius in it's own right..

This pic is awesome - great props to the artist

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Whoa that's really good! Like stated before, he does look somewhat like Brad Pitt! mmmm I like this pic a lot. ^.^

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Very nice. He reminds me of the character Jean-Claude (from LK Hamilton's Anita Blake series).

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The coolness of this guy is scary, probably explains why he was never caught, excellent image Levente

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Jo jag tackar ja gillar verkligen denna bilden. den svart-vita bakgrunde gör det ännu coolare *tummen upp* keep it up!

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Cool image.

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Like this one very much.... really captivating those eyes... standing in the shadow watching his next victim. He indeed looks a bit like a vampire, even has a bit of Brad Pitt thing going on with the long hair but if it is a serial killer from london my guess is it is Jack, Jack the Ripper!! am I right? probably not but worth the try. Like it!

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I for one really like the contrast between the dark, crisp shadows and the lighter techniques used on his clothes, but the face is definately the best part Smile. Very moody, a great piece!

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I am such a vampire fiend...I love the graphic quality, and his face is to die for! (heh) I'm not too keen on the air-brushy treatment of his clothes, though...I think the shadows/highlights would be crisper. But overall, this so rocks!

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Hi Levi! Like a VtM pic. Great colors, and photo-like capturing. Boldog Ünnepeket! HNY:)

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Very nice - the face is excellent, he looks quite vampish (actually, he reminds me of a guy I used to live with!), and the blood splashed over his sleeve is done nicely, too.

Art at its best.