Yin-Yang by peters


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Added: Jan 16, 2002
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Read into the picture what you will...duality of character, good and evil maybe? Male/female? I purposely left the faces rather androgynous.

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peters's picture

I'm glad you like it. Smile I really don't mind it when people see resemblances in my art, except when they insist I must have used a certain celebrity for references, and I KNOW I did not.

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People see in art reflections of things in their minds sometimes when its a stretch from what actually is there in reality, I dont see any wacky celebrities in your art, its sad that the others do. They limit their own perception of your art with comparison.

peters's picture

That's okay, Crystal. Smile Actually, I planned for these two characters to of rather ambiguous sex.

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Heya, it's me again. Wink AGain, I say this is an amazing picture. I love the Yin-Yang. however, I do believe that the Yin was the female portion and the Yang was the male... -.- Just what I heard. Yin is mostly black and Yang mostly white... Oh well.. I'll shut up

peters's picture

I'll have to agree with you on the resemblance. ^_^ Everyone who views this pic, even in other galleries, seem to find a resemblance to everyone from Michael Jackson to Prince, although Jackson is the most frequently mentioned.

Guest's picture

This is a very nice picture, and the style is quite striking, but I'm a bit scared... You see, in my very humble opinion... He/she/it looks like Michael Jackson, before he screwed up his nose too terribly, but after he went white...

peters's picture

Thanks to both Anastasia and Salvador. The picture was done as a contribution to one of the Elfwood Bifrost projects. It was a lot of fun going back to my roots, as I used to do a great deal of black and white art many years ago.

thedarkcloak's picture

Good concept too. Very clear, both the figures and the ying yang itself.

ana's picture

This is great! I'm a KungFu person and am very familiar with Yin-Yang. I love th concept! Great job!

Art at its best.