Rauthi by peters


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 11, 2002
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Rauthi is a shapeshifter. He does not shift from human to animal; rather, he shifts from male to female, or something in between, hence the androgynous appearance. Rauthi wears a flame pendant.

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peters's picture

Thank you. Smile That's exactly the effect I was looking for, so I'm glad I was successful.

Guest's picture

i LOVE the hair!! he/she looks like a guy one moment, and then a girl the next!! I love this picture ur so talented!!!!!

peters's picture

Thanks! I had a lot of fun putting the colors/details together, and designing the costume. Portraits are my favorite. Smile

Guest's picture

Ooh, glittery earrings! I like!

The earthy colors here are just lovely, and I'm especially fond of the background here. So nice... Also, his collar is wonderful, and I want that necklace! I can tell he's a guy right now, but he does look quite androgynous anyways. Nicely done!

Oh, and... His lips and hair make me drool. Such great lips... And those eyes! What a pretty color; so unusual!

peters's picture

Thanks, Stephanie. I must say, switching sexes at will would be an interesting accomplishment. Smile

Guest's picture

Hi Norma, you can't get away from me LOL! Laughing out loud

I've not seen this one before must visit your Elfwood gallery more often. As usual your fabrics are wonderful. His/her face is so pale and fragile looking, I bet he/she never sees much sun and their race will never die out so long as there are two of them around LOL!

peters's picture

Thanks for your kindness, Donna. My requester for this pic suggested the possibility of feline eyes, since the character isn't exactly human. You're right, though; they look very much like those of a kestrel.

bond007's picture

The colours suggest harvest time to me. I see this shapeshifter as quite male. Your work, as usual, is making me hella jealous! I am so going to break into your house and bribe you with a box of Godiva chocolates to teach me to do digital art. True, you don't have a hard canvas copy to hang up on the wall or to sell but you also don't have all the messy paint either! Sounds like a great trade off! Is it my imagination or does he have eyes like a kestrel? Or maybe an owl? Very kissable lips, btw. Almost, but not quite, a pout! You rock, Norma!

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