Kellington Werth, Apprentice Mage by peters

Kellington Werth, Apprentice Mage

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Added: Jul 08, 2002
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A request from Amanda for an RP character, Kellington is the 7th son of a 7th son. From an early age, he began to attract insects and spiders. Over the years, Kellington's talents grew from simply attracting insects to forming a sort of mental link which allows him to control them. He studies at the Royal Academy of Magic. The spider on the rock is his familiar, an intelligent tarantula named Pumpkin. Cropped and downsized from the original. Medium: Painter 7, with Wacom tablet.

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moonfire's picture

That's an amazing concept behind the picture! Reminds me of these blue dragonflies that always seem to follow me around when I go to certain wilderness areas and green bugs with transparent yellow wings..makes me wonder if they're something more...

peters's picture

I slaved over that rock, so I'm glad you like it. Smile

Guest's picture

I just wanted to say, that's one hellacool rock he's sitting on. I'm serious- I love that rock. The texture is just incredible.

peters's picture

I'm still at my usual place in Elfwood.

Guest's picture

Why, my friend!I didn't know you were on Epilogue...I haven't been able to find you in elfwood....This is great!He looks very realistic....


peters's picture

I've had a couple of other people tell me the same thing. I like the Weasleys. Smile

Guest's picture

Heh, he looks like a Weasly. (Which is a good thing, since I love them.)

peters's picture

Thanks, Marisa. Smile

darksarcasm8's picture

Wow! I really like the story around this image... it is so unique! Your rendering and compositional skills are great... keep up the fantastic work!

peters's picture

Hehe! I love spiders, so this was a delight to work on. Smile There's actually a picture of the spider by himself, done in detail. Thanks for your lovely and insightful comment. Smile

Guest's picture

Hmm. He could be a Weasley, couldn't he... Well, as for my own opinions, I just adore his shirt. The spiderwebs are such an adorable touch. I like the tarantula--such lovely colors! I'm scared of spiders, but not tarantulas; isn't that strange? Oh, and his key-necklace is just lovely.

peters's picture

I was sure I replied to Donna's message, but my response seems to be missing. o_O Thanks again, then, Donna, for your nice comment. I can easily see this guy as a Weasley, actually.

peters's picture

Thatks very much, Monica. Being a big Weasley fan myself, that's a compliment. ^_^

monstarling's picture

Gotta agree with Donna... he is both a total cutie, and a Weasley lookalike... which is a very good thing, at least for me Wink I like the pose a lot, and the face and hair are lovely as usual.

bond007's picture

What a cutie! He reminds me of one of the Weasleys from Harry Potter! Great job on making the complexion look right for a redhead. Hella cool outfit too. you're good at making folds in clothes.

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