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Added: Aug 06, 2002
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A character illustration for author Kristin Rausch, Darshak is the benign and benevolent Captain of the Magic Guard.

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peters's picture

This pose was actually based on a picture of actor Liam Neeson. The person who had requested the picture had based the character on Neeson, looks-wise. The design of the clothing, surroundings, hair, etc. were of my own design. Thanks for your comment. Smile

nagini's picture

is this a pose from a fashion catalogue? *g* But it looks good, I like the design of the clothes. Smile

peters's picture

You're right. I hadn't noticed that before.

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He looks like Charles Hamilton from Gone With The Wind. =)

peters's picture

I love adding texture to clothing. Smile His buttons aren't actually bells, but accidentally turned out looking that way. Smile

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Oops! I posted the comment before I was done... I'd also like to say that his belt buckle is gorgeous; I want one like that, and I don't even wear belts! And the buttons on his outfit look like bells. It's adorable.
:::Thinks::: Are they bells?

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He has a great smirk on his face, and his hair is nice, but what really attracts me to this picture is his outfit. The texture of his clothing is wonderful. The shirt seems like it'd be a bit course, but still soft. The cuffs are beautiful, and his pants are realistically wrinkled. You always have such wonderful clothing in your works!

peters's picture

Thank you, Ihsan. Unfortunately, I haven't done a single picture for the longest time, but I'm starting to feel inspired again.

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Great character portrait, Norma, I really like it Smile The pose is excellent, the costume nicely detailed, and I especially like your rendering of the hands. This projects personality, seems a questly confident guy. Also looking out for new work from you Smile See you!

peters's picture

Thanks, Donna. ^_^ As a matter of fact, when I asked Kristin (who created the character in her story) if she had a certain vision of how Darshak would look, she told me that she visualized him looking a lot like a younger and blonder Liam Neeson. I kept that in mind, yet I tried to give him an individual look of his own.

The silvery trim on Darshak's tunic was done with a very fine impasto brush set on "texturizer" using white paint. With that particular brush, white paint always looks silvery. The buttons were simply painted with an oil brush. The texture of the tunic itself, the lighter blue, was applied with a photo brush, using a specially texturized paper that resembled leather grain.

Yes, the eyes are probably a bit too white for most tastes, although sometimes I do that to make them stand out and look a bit unearthly. ^_^

bond007's picture

Yet another gorgeous triumph for you, dear Norma! This is wonderful. Looks a bit like a cross between Liam Neeson and Rutger Hauer. I love sexy older guys and this really fits the bill. The detail in his clothes is mind boggling. Did you do every little stitch in the fabric and rhine stone by hand individually??!! If I have one complaint, and believe me, it is a minor one, it would be that the whites of his eyes are a little too bright. It looks slightly off without the hint of a shadow at the top. But it is hardly noticable and that is totally subjective to individual taste. Someone else might like those supernaturally brilliant eyes. The pupils and irises are perfect, though. Very realistic! Glad to see another killer piece in your gallery.

Art at its best.