Les Papillons d'Anna by kss

Les Papillons d'Anna

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Added: Mar 23, 2002
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Part of a pic done for my girl's birthday.

She often told me about butterflies in her belly when shes anxious or exited:)

here is my vision of that.

for detail-lovers, see the full picture at:


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kss's picture


its one of my more "fantasy" work as there is sort of landscape..

kss's picture

Smile) thankiou christos

sh-serg's picture

Patrick, I like very much your new work.
It's very, very strong. I like very much colors. I think, that this work has beautiful tone. I admire your fantasy!!!!

neofotistos's picture

patrick, you are incredible. your style with a computer is unbelievable. way to go!

kss's picture

ha:) one male!

thanks a lot

richard's picture

Really beautiful. The whole 'ghostly' effect works so well.

kss's picture

merci sooj:)

girl girls girls.
this may be my most feminine work as it was done for a girl,accepted by another one, and appreciated-commented only by you all:))

kss's picture


i'm surprised that my butterflies turn into birds for you.
by the way that is subjective and i "created" that race of butterflies (no references were used) so they might look strange:).

sooj's picture

this is gorgeous!!! the icy look you have done that brilliantly!! an the colors are wonderful, fab job!

sita's picture

I wouldn't imagine a belly to be very nice to look at, you know, red and gutty and stuff (the inside of a human is pretty scary) but you managed to make it awesomely beautiful.

Guest's picture

So beautiful. Especially the effect with the butterflies which turns into ghostly birds.

kss's picture

thankiou cynthia.Sorry about my bad culture but..what is "georgia o'keefe"?Smile)

kss's picture

thanki socar.the frozen water on trees is what i tried to do, though its under moonlight:)
does it look like a sweedish or a canadian morning?

kss's picture

merci sophie;)

chuis vraiment ravi kune artiste de ton talent puisse aimé mes gribouilles:))
j'essaye de "jouer" sur mes points forts, a savoir l'utilisation de la lumiere, des couleurs, et mes idees de composition assez "personnelles"..

nb: encore chapo pour ton dernier dessin ke jviens de voir.
On voit bien la difference entre la professionnelle ke tu es et l'amateur ke je suis :)=)

kss's picture

thank you:)
this is not a hole.
this intends to represent my girl, like a ghost soul, and the fact that she's arabic (though shes not musulman but i've puted a scarf on her "face").
If you can see where the head could be, than the butter flies will come from the belly:)

Guest's picture

It's cool and luminous at the same time. You've got a "Georgia O'Keefe" theme going with the shrouded form and butterflies...I love the symbolism. Nice work Patrick.

socar's picture

It reminds me of one of those early mornings when the water has frozen on the bare tree branches and the sun sparkles everywhere.... Very nice work.

somk's picture

J'adore la lumiere dans tes images ! J'ai des impressions de glace et de brasier en meme temps.. vraiment super ! *en route vers la galerie :)*

chimera's picture

Wait a minute..*stops, and looks again* Damn,I'm just speechless..*searching for words*.. That lightning!Absolutely gorgeous..The aurora that floats through it and the butterflies coming out of that uhm 'hole'?..Amazing..0_0 The idea of butterflies in your belly seems so difficult to visualise, love how you worked it out!

Art at its best.