Until i bleed, until you cry by kss

Until i bleed, until you cry

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Added: Apr 09, 2002
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your birth , my sacrifice

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yep this is the one:)
it comes from 3 main things:1- my girl wanted me to draw a thin pregnant girl 2- the foetus attached to her finger is from one of my girls cute dreams 3- i had in mind to draw arms emerging from other parts of the body ).So this pregnant girl has got 2 "normal" arms and one in her back.If that surreal 3rd arm did not exist we could not have seen her face, and she could not seen that/her hand in the foreground.
Drawing surreal things is a way to show what we cant see.
This picture is surreal and talks about surreality.
all the rest is intuitive and abstract, so its of your own imagination and feelings.
And i like your story Smile)

nb: the title is about giving birth (the woman is bleeding her crying child:)

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Yes, yes! I've seen the whole version before! This one was for the belly-lovers right?;)Since there is no story..I'm gonna make up my own:) So the girl is pulling her hair of, cause it's like feeling the unbearable pain of someone being born outside of her? And up there is the 'exit'? And below the finger is the bellybutton? Did I came close?Smile

Art at its best.