What spring does to the cherry trees by marias

What spring does to the cherry trees

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Added: Feb 13, 2006
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All around me there is sound, a rushing, a wall of noise that glues up my ears and clouds my mind. I cant focus, I cant think. My eyes see but don't translate what is in front of me. Its all alien and unsure.

Im waiting. Im waiting for something that I do not know, I am longing for a difference to be made. Im in this world and unable to be a part of it, my skin itches, inflamed as though allergic to life itself. I am the only solid in a churning sea of liquid.

I am in the midst of not knowing where I am, and he takes my hand from behind me, pulling in close. At once the noise and the mess drops away into oblivion, everything falls into clarity. He is a cool shadow falling across my burning flesh, soothing the irritation of life like water trickling over hissing lava, fluid cancelling out the rough.

I get this overwheming sense of closeness, and I feel his moist breath against my cheek. I hear him breathe in.

"I want to do with you what spring does to the cherry trees"

And I blossom.

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rowanwood's picture

This is beautiful, erotic and innocent at the same time. Nice work.

Art at its best.