festival by gurimasu


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Guest's picture

Wow,all you art is so lovely! Their backgrounds and patterns are very beautiful and you really ought to draw more!
I wish I knew how to draw! ^_^

s-lynn's picture

Beautiful! She looks like a character from the Capcom games. Exquisit work on the gown. I love it!

gurimasu's picture

Oh! You experienced the festival of Japan!? When this season comes, I dance my chest. The festival of even the country of where is pleasant.
And please also come to Japan so that it may play (^^)/

gurimasu's picture

I think that Japanese clothes are one works of art. But contemporary Japanese do not put on Japanese clothes except the day of such a festival. It is Regrettable(-_-)>>
A few "mouths" are depicted exggeratedly. This is my habit. comment thanks!

gurimasu's picture

That's right. This cloth is silk. Of course, the dress of silk is not all. But I thought that silk matched the light of night well. It is difficult to draw the chin well. I think that it will practice more(-_-;

gurimasu's picture

Thanks! This is my favorite dress(^^)

gurimasu's picture

mr.nutty,Thank you for praising and pointing out.
She is looking up at the sky. It is getting tired of waiting for fireworks.
...Therefore, I think her chin is good in this position.

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Alright! Japanese culture rocks the world! I lived there for five years, so I was able to experience it firsthand, and I especially remember the festivals my family and I would go to. Thank you for bringing back those wonderful memories with this piece! Domo arigato gozaimasu!

gurimasu's picture

This dress and pattern exist from ancient times far in Japan.

gurimasu's picture

Although there are many kinds of fabric in Japan, I favorite a silk.

robw720's picture

wow, thats amazing! not only is the pattern on the clothing a work of art alone, it looks so real! good shading with the wrinkles, i cant draw clothing at all, its a cery nice skill you have aquired! keep up the good work! the only critisisim i could give is the mouth looks a weeee bit off, dont know what about it just looks off centered by a hair but the pic still rules!

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ah, the treachery of undershot chins. I think the chin is fine. The shading hints that it is seen at an angle from below, which is easy to confuse. I really like the light and ranges of texture in this. I was looking at this the other day, and thinkin' : "hrm.. that fabric really does look like silk."

but I prattle on..

saffiresword's picture

Wonderfull dress!
Wery realisticly done!

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I think you've done a really smashing job of this piece, the garment looks silky and the proportions look right. The only thing i could say is wrong with it, is her chin looks a bit off. I'm not sure if people want critisism on here.. anyway, its really brilliant.

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Great pic, I esp. like the pattern on her dress.

lockett's picture

Nice work, this is great. The fabric looks like silk, beautifuly rendered.

Art at its best.