The Patchwork Fellowship by maim

The Patchwork Fellowship

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 04, 2002
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A member of a group of Necromancers called the Patchwork Fellowship, these guys cut the faces from their victims, then make a cloak of them. The more faces you have, the more powerful you are.

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ninni's picture

Um, sorry if I spoil the mood, but I just couldn´t help getting a mental image of this guy sitting at the sewing machine... (And, by the way, when you´re a beginner necromancer, what do you start with? A handkerchief?) Good picture anyway, sorry about my twisted sense of humor. Can´t help it, really.

Guest's picture

hehe, i've been so many places
i've seen so many faces

feral's picture

Cool idea that sends shivers down my spine...

bcorbett67's picture

Great idea for a pic, nicely rendered too. Mind you, I wouldn't buy a duvet from this guy!

maim's picture

Actually it is digital, I may have screwed up when I posted it. It is 100% digital! Thanks for the comments, though!

twstdrealty8's picture

Wow...creative indeed!! I think some of the depth of the capr was lost because it's hard to give contrast to "cloth" when it's made up of an unusual material, but If you attempt to add some more shadows and highlights as though it were cloth, it would give it more depth. And this is acrylic?? Looks, digital to me. Smile Nice blood and background, by the way. Smile I liek the illusion of wind.

megaflow's picture

Wow, that is a sick, cool idea. Very disturbing how many of the faces are smiling, too...

Art at its best.