Mid-trepanation by ciel


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Added: Jan 11, 2002
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a very sad and emotion capturing piece, i love it. its depressing in a way, yet still beautifull very nicely done

azayaka's picture

who doesnt love holes in the skull, right? mans greatest invention:). great drawing! please check out my version of trepanning... i think you might like it!

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The poor girl... I wish I could help in some way. lol

mione's picture

For some reason I just keep looking at the eye...The blue is just so beautiful....

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Ok, now this pic is just scary. I'm shivering in my seat right now...Brrr...

ciel's picture

This image was actually rather enjoyable to do... except that it took bout a month to complete since for some odd reason I decided that I'd only work for about an hour per week for this piece, maybe the lack of nutrition was affecting my brain cell, I'll never know. After finally finishing the image I found out that I had the unnerving ability to disturb even my own conscience... go figure.

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um...wow. it's really good. I can't describe it as well as the others but one thing that no one mentioned vas your signum... it seems a little too happy to be in that picture (almost scary) /jonasFX

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omg...there's only one thing i can say about this picture. the expression on her face makes me want to cry. it's very well drawn. ~neata ^-^

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This shows a pain so deep you can actually feel it

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I don't really agree that she looks pitiful..The gleam in her eye seems to me to be showing that she needs or wants help. It is a great picture though..~*"Broken is only the term used for those who cannot stand the pain of suffering anymore".*~

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Have u ever read that book the Last Book in the Universe? read it its good and this pic reminds me of somthing from it called "mindprobes"

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Cripes! It looks geat! The coloring is superb! Dang, I wouldn't want to be her right now...

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What illness could be worse than this "treatment" ???

lockett's picture

Ouch! Nasty little piece here Sean, well executed. Very pathetic expression (that's good) and nice design. She needs this treatment like she needs a...well you get the old joke. Nice one.

Art at its best.