Sentry Duty by ciel

Sentry Duty

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 14, 2002
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Woah. You are good, man. Not only do you have an amazing and detailed style, you also have that ability to put that lifelike essence into your characters that many highly skilled artitsts lack. This is the kind of level I'd like to aspire to. I'm quite sure that I'm well on my way there, I just need to keep looking at great works like this to keep myself motivated.

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wow ! I love the colors ther so mellow and they fit so well together, the little girl is so cute and she lookes so inocent. by the way, the gun looks totally bad ass

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that is the weirdest coolest gun ive ever seen 4 bullets in the little revolver magazine thing odd gun.
does it shoot bullets or granades?
awsome pic though i love the inosence in the girls eyes and the dragons gogles.
later wolfshark

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Under the weapons and that big dragon she almost looks like an innocent girl. By the way, CAN I HAVE THAT GUN?!?

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Took me a while to decide whether I should comment on my own piece, I guess I wasn't too sure at the time what I really thought about this one. First of all, thanks for all the nice comments, I find them extremely encouraging and uplifting. I was thoroughly satisfied with the simulated painting scheme I used and the actual composition of the image. The only things that bugged me were technical aspects, for one, I noticed that without a back stopper all the bullets would just slide out of the barrel...oops...That's why I never became an enginner folks. Speaking of which, with a frickin' gun that size I assume the bullets would have the diameter of the poor girl's thighs =_=

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This is some amazing artwork....I love the the little details..Everything seems right in this picture...The colours, the emotion, the dragon, enz..everything!!

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fab picture, nice color, great detail sketch, and wikid dragon!!!

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nice work, i like the coloring job, its a little softer looking than alot of photoshop jobs, not as sharp colors and such. i like all tha' trinkets and weapons. that gun... nnniiiicccceeeee mwahaha this is a very well done piece. i bet it took a while eh? keep it up!

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wow! i love this! awesome colors..good cg...anime..what more can i ask for?

Art at its best.