Queen of Dreams by ghostfire

Queen of Dreams

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Added: Jan 13, 2002
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The Queen of Dreams is a mysterious figure who often takes refuge in my mind, as she finds it entrancing to participate in the games I host. Through her blank eyes, she sees far past mere physical sight, into the dark corners and quiet fantasies of everyone - from the most lonely and withdrawn to the social butterflies so immersed in intrigue and gossip that they start to lose sight of themselves.

Her sister, the Queen of Nightmares, is more elusive but just as powerful. With long fingers that weave the winds of dreamstuff into the most frightening and disturbing of demons and visions, she sits quietly to the side, watching. Lurking the the corner of the blackest nights and casting long shadows at midday, she has yet to reveal herself.

Though the two of them together can create nights that change the course of human history, in the average person's life they are rarely more than figments - the barest whispers in the back of their dreaming minds.

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ansley88's picture

I saw this picture a few years ago on your site. I'm still looking forward to seeing the Queen of Nightmares, but perfection can't be rushed! Smile I've been a big fan of your work for many years now...Sorry if that freaks you out... Sad

mermalior's picture

My fave from yours! Awesome!

griffingirl's picture

Your stuff, as a whole, is amazing! I really enjoyed your personal site...the work there is yummy-dark! Faboo!

azayaka's picture

this is so beautiful and it makes me so happy to see that pen and ink work is still done

Guest's picture

Very nice! The level of detail and intricacy amazes me. My favorite of
your gallery!

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I can't say anything constructive.No opinions here,just-WOW !

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blissdream's picture

This is gorgeous! The delicate linework is wonderful. And the composition works quite nicely. Reminds me a bit of Alphonse Mucha and Thomas Canty's work.

Guest's picture

Oh, wow... this is definately your best. The detail is stunning, I like your gallery.

Art at its best.