Story of Eternity by ghostfire

Story of Eternity

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Added: Nov 22, 2002
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She is the Dabathan - Guardian of Mysteries and Stories - one of the great dragons that existed long before the beginning of the war of races. When the factions of elves and men had torn their species apart to the point that both seemed in danger of extinction, it was the Dabathan and her brothers and sisters - the dragons - who brought an end to the violence and bloodshed and healed the land of its terrible scars.

The future was granted to the elves and their kin, to rise into an age of beauty and fruitfulness with the Guardian dragons keeping watch through the centuries.

The peace, however, came too late for the children of men. To the few remaining of their species, immortality and magic were granted. When a thousand years had passed, only two remained - the others having slowly disappeared over the years, never to be heard from again.

It was the Guardians who first realized that something was amiss. Reality itself was dwindling - it seemed, perhaps, that the age was at an end, but as the sky turned to fire and mysterious plagues swept across the land without symptoms or reason, they realized that this was no natural progression into a new era, but rather an imbalance that, if left unchecked, would leave nothing but desolation in its wake.

The Umlathan - Guardian of Beginnings and Endings, carried the remaining two humans on her back to the castle of Chatha - home of the elven royalty. There, the man and woman met the Princess Shavadreil and her Prince Tokidrias, and so story goes, all four were sacrificed in the Guardians' temple to become creatures never seen before. When Umlathan emerged cradling the four babes in her claws, the scorching sun was covered by dark clouds, and rain poured down to begin healing the cracked earth.

So the age of the elves, too, was at an end. The future belonged to those tiny creatures created in a bonding of immortality and dust - of magic and logic. And in the years to follow, they too came to rule their world, and create things beautiful and terrible in tribute to the Guardian Dragons - the story of their birth immortalized in stained glass.

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twstdrealty8's picture

Very well executed! The colors are awesome! I like how the whole thing has an almost stained-glass, flat feeling to it, and then it's interrupted by a wonderfully rendered dragon! Great job!

Guest's picture

wonderful eclectic design and you made it work so well. Not easy to do. Very nice!

patience's picture

Very compelling!

Guest's picture

I like all those different elements and drawing styles put together and still make a complete and finished result. Great image.. i especially like the tail and the claws of the dragon'

arikla's picture

The dragon looks like it is coming right out at you, very nice! The background looks very much like stained glass as well. Both parts have a touchable quality. The blue glow on the stilleto of the man on he left is the only thing that seems out of place.

Art at its best.