Griffon Marco Weaver by lorelei

Griffon Marco Weaver

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My Bard Griffin Marco Weaver...

"At thirteen, Griff had become a Master Bard, but he was far too young to be left to his own devices so he began teaching at the school. He learned many difficult lessons about authority as he taught. Incoming students, many of which had years on Griff, had difficulty taking direction from a scrawny teenager, thus, Griff learned to be masterful befitting his station. He earned respect of newcomers through his own self assuredness and poise, in spite of his size and youth. He concentrated on making his students see their strengths without focusing on their weaknesses, he made them comfortable with his youth by showing them the possibilities at their fingertips if they were open to his teachings.
Griff left the school on his eighteenth birthday and set out to fill the world with his music. He spent ten years traveling, ending his journeys in SwanStone where he took the position of Master Bard, a position that had been offered at every stop along his trek. He did not, however, hold court each day or live in the traditional lodging of the Master Bard, instead he purchased a tavern in the center of town and did all his work there. It was an unusual choice of venue, but the fathers of SwanStone considered it a great feat to have Griff at all and adjusted their notion of Master Bard until it was synonymous with Griff."

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I like your art! I just thought I would bring up the fact that my name is Bard Griffin. I love googleing my name.....

lorelei's picture

If this was inspired by Canty, it was not intentional, but what a wonderful compliment. I love his work. ^^ Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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Great background - the leaves are vibrant and fabulous! Do I see some Canty inspiration?

lorelei's picture

Thanks Jean-Pierre. I am pretty happy with how this piece turned out. I had a wonderful reference from which to paint , and that made it a wonderful project to do. The hand is a bit of a problem for me too, I meant it to be resting on his shoulder, but somehow it looks a little off. (perplexing)

Thank you for your comments, it's always nice to get the feedback. ^_^

vengince's picture

Darla I like this piece. I had to take a closer look at all the wonderful color work the mans hair the trees and the leaves. The composition reminds me of the Medeival age.My small critique would be the hand, I would either have him hold his instrument or rest his finger on it a bit though thats what he might be doing. Other then that small tid-bit I like it alot.

lorelei's picture

Thank you Deb. You know I value your opinion very much. We'll see how the bard likes it in April........

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Beautiful --- but maybe I'm prejudiced because I know the artist and the model!
The leaves are simply stunning -- and the guy isn't half bad, either!
As always, you rock.

lorelei's picture

Thank you for your lovely words, I really appreciate you coming to see the new painting. Griff is very dear to my heart, I will be doing more paintings featuring him I'm sure.
Thanks again, Tracy!

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How wonderful to see your words give life to your paintings. You have such a talent! I'm looking forward to seeing and reading more about your wonder-full creation.
Thank you for inviting me!

Art at its best.