Melancholic Princess by lunatique

Melancholic Princess

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 18, 2002
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This one was done 50% in Photoshop 6 and 50% in Painter 7. I've developed the strange habit of keeping both open and switching back and forth between them as I see necessary. I know many people think her neck is too thin, but I was going for an idealized reality--one that bends to my personal preference. I love long/slender necks. Laughing out loud

I switched out the old version with the jewelry, since I prefer this version withtout the jewelry more.

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I can't explain how great this picture looks. Absolutely awesome!

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Her name is Ruu(Pronounced "Roo"). Usually, she is referred to as Princess Ruu.

She is what I call, "wise beyond her years," and "a soul so profound and deep, you could drown in it." Smile

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She reminds me of a doll, except her eyes are too profound, deep for her apparent youthfulness. A mesmerizing portrait indeed! Does she have a name?

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luvvvvvvvvvvvvv your picture shes beauifll

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She is perfect!

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The fact that she stares forward and is so perfect-looking makes me think of a cross between something Rembrandt and oil portraits that are now seldom done. In simple words, it is quite beautiful.

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Whoaaah, how come I didn't see this?! New favourite =D =D

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Thanks to you and your GF. Smile

I wouldn't know what to do either if I saw her in real life. I think my heart would stop. . .. Laughing out loud

I think she'd be kind enough to spare a hug if someone begged for it. The Princess is soft-hearted. Wink

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Thanks. Laughing out loud

The hair is the result of painstaking detail that requires almost more patience than I'm capable of. But as you can see, there are many excellent artists in Epilogue that has rendered hair with ever more detail. They are crazier than me! Laughing out loud

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Thanks. Smile

Hmm. . .. I don't usually think about race when I design characters. They are kind of a mixture of everything I find ideal in feminine beauty. I drawn/painted specifically Asian women in the past though. Take a look at my website and you'll see them, especially in the portraits/figures section.

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she is so /wow/..really she an asian?if yes,she is just so..*speechless*

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I love this and like the dreamy quality that you have added in. She is beautiful, soft and innocent. Reminds me of one my RPG Characters. *smiles*

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She has the power to capture you and never let go.. i love the soft feel & her eyes.. whoa.

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What can I say, this picture is beautiful and dreamy. I love your artwork and each piece you have dont. But this one is one of my favourites.

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for words... My boyfriend told me that if he'd meet this girl, he wouldn't know whether to run or beg her for a hug... honestly, as a woman, I wouldn't know what to do either... *s*


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It's so great ,
so fantastical and elegant ,
she is such as an angel ,
one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen in a painting! so great digital work
Be successful ,
you are so talented artist.

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I love this! I am so jealous! Wow!

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She has a very soft face. She is beautiful!

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You're not the first person to say that. Smile I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Connelly. She didn't cross my mind once when I was painting this piece, but Jen is totally my type, so it makes sense that my attempt to paint my ideal feminine beauty ends up looking like her. Laughing out loud

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Wow! She's really beautiful! ^-^ somehow she reminds me of Sarah from the Labyrinth

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I am absolutely speechless. This is excellent. Her neck is not too long. I have a long neck and I think it just enhances a person's face. This is a masterpiece in realism, in my humble little opinion. Beautiful. You should be proud!

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Lovely, delicate portrait Robert, for some reason the jewel on her forehead reminds me of a grinning, bignose clown!
Doesn't detract in any way (since that bit is just in my head), this is excellent work, wonderful eyes.

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wow she looks so pretty! How you make this hair O.o

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I have already admired you picture when seeing it on Sijun. I love the soft look of it.

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Wow! Very beautiful and realistic looking, especially her eyes!

Art at its best.