Blood Siren by lunatique

Blood Siren

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 01, 2003
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Did this one for the CG Challenge at It was painted in Painter 7.

For the closeup shots, look here:

For the tutorial, look here:

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Creepy, that girl is some unknown creature. A really great illustration

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Though this piece is !DIGUSTING! it has wonderful artwork. The colours blend beautifully together. Once again, great work!

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She ATE HIM !!!! Really nice use of colours the girl looks great wouldn't like to meet her in a million years and having said all that it's time for me to leave. Kudos.

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Fantastic digital piece - your rendering is superb, particularly the details in the gore and the incredible lighting! Keep up the great work!

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very nice pose on the girl. as if she wasnt quite sure what she was entil she lost control. and now that she has come back down she is scared of what she has done. interesting.

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Wow -- very atmospheric, very eerie, very emotional. I find the confusion of time periods to be interesting too -- a sword and shield cast aside on the ground, but her victim in... blue jeans? Surreal. Cheers!

wolfvayne's picture

Beautiful - the composition, colours and expression. She does look horrified - maybe at what she has done. Great stuff ^_^

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Wonderful lighting. Little details such as the sword lost in the grass, add alot of credibility to this piece.

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Despite the potential for inspirations of this kind, fantasy art in general seem to be short of works that search within multifaceted depth of human feelings. Our average thematic characters are either: a) good, b) bad, c) outright sick in a head.
I imagine that it is mainly due to the influence of artists like Vallejo, with incredible technician abilities and a mentality of 14-years-old. You have managed to deviate from mainstream and capture a very subtle conflict in this painting. Not too many people can do that....... stick to it, explore it farther, and, I’m sure, you will find a lot of appreciation.

P.S. Thanks for not giving her wings; the theme of "dark angel" is getting way overused.


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Man, that's gory....Interesting's almost like she's horrified at what she did.

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Interesting take on the siren legends Robert! stunning imagery, the details in your figure are excellent and the colours certainly set the mood, brilliant!

Art at its best.