Le mausolée dans le ciel by kirsten413

Le mausolée dans le ciel

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Added: Jan 17, 2002
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The mausoleum in the heavens

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kirsten413's picture

No, I did'nt see it and to tell you the truth, literature inspires me more than movie industry.

Guest's picture

just out of curiousity, have you ever seen a movie called Nausicaa? i can see faint traces of that movies environment in your paintings.

Guest's picture

After looking through your gallery, I must say - your imagination is a truly unique place.

elven-nell's picture

Wow! This painting really speaks to me. I think it;s one of the most detailed and beautiful works I've ever seen!

magicwindow's picture

The incredible richness of your work leaves me absolutely stunned. This work is truly amazing.

kirsten413's picture

Hi Linda,You may be right,I read alot of Lovecraft well maybe everything he wrote like I did with Clark Ashton Smith,W.H.Hogson,Lord Dunsany,Arthur Machen or Hans heinz Ewers!

enayla's picture

For some strange reason, the alien nature of this makes me think of H.P Lovecraft. Absolutely stunning.

kirsten413's picture

Hi S. Maxwell,In fact I never do such a mistake because I always know exactly what it will be at the end.Those paintings are kind of visions,they are in my mind and I just have to paint them the more realistic way to be affordable and understood by everyone.
I suppose oil is more difficult than acrylic for exemple but when you control it it gives you possibilities you could'nt have with other techniques.It also demands a lot of oneself.It took me about three months to paint such a picture.I'm not sure this world is a paradise,it is beautiful like our world was centuries ago but wilderness are often dangerous and could be real hell on earth when you don't know how to survive.

Guest's picture

This is so perfect, it's scary. Haven't you ever been painting and gotten half way through and all of a sudden you made a huge mistake and just scream out, "OH! CRAP!" It looks like you just paint and paint and paint with no mistakes. And, isn't oil difficult to work with? Yet, you capture textures and feeling perfectly. You can see the mountains behind the clouds, and the clouds really look like clouds! How long does it take you to paint a picture like this? I admire your work very much, it's just so awe-inspiring and heavenly. It would be paradise to live in any of your paintings. It's hard to believe Heaven will be even better than this.

Guest's picture

*Amazing* Again, with those blues...I love it! It is much like an ancient world with its monuments. It appeals to the historical buff in me Smile

vuollet's picture

eh... *lost his ability to breathe*
Oh wow! *says all the usual stuff*

Art at its best.