L'adieu sur le seuil by kirsten413

L'adieu sur le seuil

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Added: Jan 17, 2002
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The goodbye on the threshold

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The knight is about to enter the Gate of Initiation. The Guardian of the Gate is waiting for him down the stairs.The knight will have to fight the Guardian,his own fear and weakness during years ,he will have to fight against himself and to tame his solitude to deserve the Knowledge and Omniscience of The Great Goddess.He's leaving human love in search for the divine Love.

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This is stunning may I ask for this particular piece, where did you get your inspiration?

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This is incredible'

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I like how the pillars in the back are from the picture "The Scream" by some really famous artist i don't remember.

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I'll be in my 60's b'for I can do anything like this...

*mind the bumble-bees*

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The actual size of this painting is 130cm per 97cm or 51.18in per38.19 inch

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My inspiration comes first from litterature and poetry(Poe,Lovecraft,Baudelaire,Machen,C .Ashton Smith,Rimbaud,BYron,Shelley,Lord Dunsany...)then from paleontologie and zoologie from archeologie.In art I prefer the prerafaelites and tthe romantic painters like Delacroix, Friedrich or Géricault.Thank you for your comment.Hervé

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Your pictures are all so rich in color and detail, they all merit comment. They have so many interesting items in the background. With the characters, I get the feeling of quiet yet deep emotion.

What size are the actual paintings?

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I'm just in awe.. all your work is so good.. incredible.

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The detail in your work is exceptional. Everything seems to "fit together" so very well, it takes my breath. I envy your skill and your imagination.

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I love the colors and the composition. It is so beautiful! Where do you get your inspiration?
Your art is a wonderful addition to Epilogue!

Art at its best.