Ele'em Gum Bar, le veilleur du Crabe by kirsten413

Ele'em Gum Bar, le veilleur du Crabe

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Added: Feb 09, 2002
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Ele'em Gum Bar, the guardian of the Crab

Oil on wood 146cmx114cm or 57,48inchx44,88inch

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vos oeuvres sont magnifiques,incroyables,jadooore...aussi je vais faire un article sur vous et présenter quelques unes de vos oeuvres sans oublier de citer votre nom et de mettre un lien pour venir sur ce site admirer toutes vos splendides peintures...felicitations, je suis enchantée d'avoir fait votre connaissance!

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hmmm... yes u deserve a lot more attention actually.
Your work is rich and dangerously borders on being gaudy at times...but still it dosent cross the line.You have another equal...he's on the forums as well...christophe vacher.
But both of you seam to excell at natural beauty and i'd be dammed but i'd rather you consumate your skills in those areas...gizmoes arent your thing.
just my words worth Wink

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You are so right. We live in an age of stupidity. Thank you so much for inspiring me. "Success is no warrent of quality." I'll always remember that as I grow older. You don't know how happy you've just made me, and I just had to tell you that. Thank you so much Smile God bless.
Oh, your artwork is stupendous and your work is QUALITY work.

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When you're a fantasy painter in such a time where contemporary art is making so much money for so poor inspiration and skills,you have to accept to be quite poor and alone against a conferacy of dunces.But it's always like that for new forms of art,do you know that Howard Phillip Lovecraft died without having any of his texts published in books except in cheap pulp magazines,success is no warrant of quality!

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You do not get the credit you deserve. It's amazing that you could have these mind-boggeling, beautiful, enchanting pictures here, with very few comments. I think your work is wonderful. Your use of lights and darks is perfect! Your paintings are always so vibrant and full of life. This one is one of my favourites. The different shades of blue you've used is astounding and the overall feel of it is exhilerating. It's so mysterious and fantisical and yet there's so much detail, deapth and motion to it. God gave you a wonderful gift.

Art at its best.