L'adieu sur le seuil(detail) by kirsten413

L'adieu sur le seuil(detail)

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Added: Apr 13, 2002
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Oil on canvas

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kirsten413's picture

Oh sure, I always use models, you can't create life out of nothing, alas I'm not a god!

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Do you get people to pose for you beCAUSE THESE ARE EXTREMEMLY LIFE LIKE

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BEAUTIFUL!!!Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!I can say no more....awe!!!!!

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Your use of color just blows my mind!

faemich's picture

This is so rich! The colors are so deep and rich it takes my breath. I love your work, and your style. This is a great painting and a bit more serious than some of your work. Beautiful and masterful.

kirsten413's picture

Thank you Min,I know that today because of the propaganda of the officiel art,oil is no more so precised but some centuries ago,it was quite common to paint like this and to give life to paintings!
But precision is nothing and it is certainly no art at all.Art don't have to be too clean,too formated,life is not clean and square!!!

kirsten413's picture

Thanks Dan.I'm working on a white primer,what makes my colours so luminous is the medium that I use like did the classic painters one century and an half ago before the coming of the impressionists.It gives to the painting a kind of deepth you could dive in.It gives life too,you can be a kind of doc Frankenstein with!!!

wolverat's picture

Beautiful work, Herve. The brillant colors you can get with oils is amazing. Do you work on a black surface? This is a really great piece.

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Lovely golds and lapiz throughout, then smack dab in the middle, a swath of blood-ish red. Gorgeous. I can't believe it's oil, either. It has the precision of something digital (or what I think of digital).

Art at its best.