Hymne au Grand Dieu Pan-Hymn to the Great God Pan by kirsten413

Hymne au Grand Dieu Pan-Hymn to the Great God Pan

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Added: Aug 19, 2002
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Oil on wood 120cmx100cm

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wow, beautiful

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Je vous remercie pour ce que vous faites.


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Dude this pic is so awsome

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I am completely in awe with your art and absolutely enthralled with the majestic worlds you can create on your canvas! I hope that someday i can be at least half the artist you are!

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are you by any chance wiccan? this is the best picture i have ever set my eyes upon.

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This is one of the best pictures I have ever seen there is so much to look at and beyond that theres more so therefore that is ART.

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I feel pround to be of any help to inspire your works,thank you!

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I was reading this while writing my fanfiction,I was so inspired,I wrote another page.Thanks!

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Thanks for your nice comment.Those moonflowers don't have a special meaning,in fact I'm more a Romantic painter than a Symbolist.I made some symbolist paintings some esoteric ones which I could'nt submit on epilogue because of their rather subversive content.
Those moonflowers are beings of the planet Omounäe,they are plants which are producing a gaz heart wich allow them to fly in the Omounäe sky.What you call blue brain corals are in fact temples made of blue marble.

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Hervé, you have a wonderful galley here! So imaginative, and there's so much detail, colours, and gorgeous landscape. This is one of my favourites. I love the architecture and columns, the distant view, and the stained glass! I have one question ... in a lot of your paintings I see recurring details of the little glowing jellyfish/hot air baloons, and what looks like blue brain coral. Do they have any special meaning, or is it just something you like to draw? Smile

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Absolutely gorgeous.

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Mere words cannot describe that majesty and beauty of this image.

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Its like a Garden of Eden! Your work does not cease to amaze me!

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Hervé, You are such an amazing master painter and visionary. Thank you for your gorgeous work!

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I admirer your fluent fantasy and beautiful colours

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This is absolutely wonderful!

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OOOoOoOo!!!!!!!!! You have magical powers pinto beans can only DrEaM oF!!!!!!!!!

Art at its best.