hEad OveR nAtuRE by fantasio

hEad OveR nAtuRE

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Added: Sep 01, 2002
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the sweetness of our allday-violation...pulling the head under water to breathe;fly with god, and heaven will tell you its dreams...

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erikathorpe's picture

Just yesterday Jim was talking about the artist J.K. Potter and work by him titled Rooted. This reminds me of that image but is even better. I'm pretty sure I did see this in your gallery at renderosity, but am not sure wheter or not I commented on it, so I'll just tell you know that it rocks!!!

fantasio's picture

hi,and thanx for your constructive critique...goal!
thinking about is what it is there for...and,you´re smart;-)

melora's picture

My favourite part of this picture (which I love, incidentally) is the way that the head thing stops around the cheek bone, and then the eye appears to be on the wall, further away from the rest of the head. I dunno... it's small, but it really made me stop and think. Nice work

fantasio's picture

hi Grant,thank you...

fantasio's picture

thnx Anouk,you know pictures can say more than thousand words,i...simply try to make use of that:-]

fantasio's picture

hi Novita,thats a quite big compliment,thanx:-)due to the text,i think i have to explain,so the work is definitly done without a conscious concept,(cuz all photos are from my last nature phototrip)but the more the picture was looking like that,i ve added a few lines from a dictionary about nature,and at least,the high tide at dresden is the unconscious intention at the past level to complete all this unsuitable pictures to a hopefull worthy tribute to nature...hopefully cuz people who think about it will know that everything we´ve done to nature will return,if good or bad ...like the quest for existence:-)

fantasio's picture

very much thanx,i always try to improve...Smile

mermalior's picture

Woooowww! Oliver this pic is awesome! You and Sam are the masters of textures:)) I like the composition too. I thin this is your coolest artwork. Unbelievable, strong work. woozaa!Smile)

chimera's picture

you know, i recently came back from quite a long trip and first thing i did was check own messages and secondly..see what new art-pieces Wetter has coughed up Smile that says something right?
anyhowz, yet another wonderous, interesting, brain-breaking piece. brain-breaking cuz (call me blond) what is the exact meaning of description and the writings in the piece itself? has to do with something like the battle between nature and humankind? or the way everything exist or THínk it exists?

Guest's picture

Love it that you have something to tell or state. And you do that so amazingly gorgious'

scarecrow63's picture

Nice piece. The colors are great. Love the tree stump.

Art at its best.