S T I L L L I F E by fantasio

S T I L L  L I F E

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Added: Apr 09, 2003
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if she were only strong enough to catch
just catching the light,only one try would satisfy,
only one try to get out the voice of this
utterly void,the strange,
the empty space between left and right,
no one can help,n o o n e,
no one could imagine,the indescribable
emptiness between up and down,
the mood and the loss of direction,
the loss of minds,and other strange synaptic activities,
in her head,
the void between the hemispheres,
the glance of the dawning sun could maybe the answer,
a dejavu
repast them with my blood
and sleep tight,they do harm you anyway.

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malanda's picture

Very exceptional - good work!!!

Guest's picture

woah. nice. VERY nice!

bcorbett67's picture

Great work Oliver, best I've seen for days now.

weyakin's picture

Wow! Such a neat way to create such a cool image. It came out amazing. I really love all the protruding objects coming from the face. Though, it looks kind of painful..and peaceful at the same time. Odd, but nice!

frodo's picture

Ah!...Oliver Wetter the thinking mans artist. I`ve got a void like that between my ears.ha!...great work as usual Oliver...

fantasio's picture

thanx Grant,
no its a sculpture,photographed,and re-composed in photoshop.

scarecrow63's picture

Nice piece Oliver! Is it 3d?

Art at its best.