Ghost Face by jaheira

Ghost Face

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 24, 2002
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Artwork Description

This is one eerie creepy picture. It looks like a ghost version of her face is coming off her. You can interpret it however you like.

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How sweet...and childish. If you're getting married, shouldnt you grow up?

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wow! congratulations!

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Well, I beleive that this is the best place to give this announcement officially since we met each other here Laughing out loud

I Tiina Anukam from Finland and the most talented artist and the sexiest man in the world Jean Pierre Targete has decided to tie the knots (is that how you say it ?) other words after being his apprentice for almost an year he found me to be suitable for him like a wrist in a boxing glove and take me by surprise and proposed to me Laughing out loud

I just wanted you all to know that my answer OF COURSE was and is yes, and want to invite you all to our wedding, he is right now meditating on the project but in no time will appear on the stage again bringing the hole BODY of his artwork among with him and become again the soul of this place=Epilogue, like it was meant to be originally but now with me beside him Smile

Anybody who touches him or insult his artwork or anything about him will have to face with me and I am totally immoral antisocial hopeless case that can go to any lengths to do that-protect my own interest because he is my interest from now on
anyhow I find all you people here at Epilogue to be very reasonable and kind artistical spirits who don't compete and so on so there is nice understanding comradial atmosphere here and if not so you wouldn't be here because when the king arrives we will be ruling this place with him including all you people, though we will let you express yourselves artistically but don't step on anybodys toes here most especially mine, I guess that is all that I have to say , you can now come and congratulate me

and welcome MR JEAN PIERRE TARGETE the long missed man the king and ruler of this place !!!!

Art at its best.