Aviator X by drew

Aviator X

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 22, 2002
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It's Aviator X. Hooray. Rescuing a conveniently beautiful atom scientist from the clutches of an undisclosed central European dictatorship. Hooray.

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Guest's picture

Cool 1950s pulp feel

drew's picture

Thanks Halcat. Yep, nothing says macho pulp hero like a girly scarf Smile

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I concur with the general consensus. This is an overall outstanding picture... And, honestly, I just like his ribbon/scarf thing.

thrax-1's picture

some of the texture on the explosion reminds me of the death star explosion of return of the jedi.amazing! Laughing out loud

Guest's picture

this is a very powerful picture, very cool.

kuk's picture

This is a great Pic you've captured the old pulp novel action wounderfully.

drew's picture

I´m still around. The problem with working as an artist though is that I´m never allowed to show anything until after the project is finished. And in this case that might take a loooong time

thedarkcloak's picture

STILL one of my favorite all time pics... And that caption u wrote makes it even better. Where are ya lately Drew? MORE!!!

drew's picture

Hmmm, I don't have the original with me, but it was just a little bit bigger than A3 size. Probably about 12x17 I think.

klwasden's picture

Very, very cool. What are the dimensions of the original, if I may ask?

sferris's picture

Terrific Job on this!!! So glad to have you on board here at Epilogue!!

Guest's picture

You're just a genius.
I'm not even smart enough to understand how you painted this.
You and Igino are art Gods.

drew's picture

Hey Boss Smile

blobsticks's picture

AAAahhhh now this was always one of my favourites. At last i get a chance to comment! That explosion.. phew, i agree with everyone above. Class my man... sheers class:)

Guest's picture

Wow! That explosion just pops off th e painting! Excelent work!!

Guest's picture

Hmmm...What the *&%^#*!+? could I say ? I agree with Igino about the explosion...The whole picture has a wonderful "B+ movie" feeling to it.Dang,I didn't say anything new...

Guest's picture

This is one of the very best explosions ever painted!!! Look at the light! - stunning ...

wolverat's picture

This is a fabulous painting, Drew. Very realistic feel and fantastic action. This piece is very insirational!

lockett's picture

Wonderful, I'm a sucker for the 'b-movie' poster image. great job on this Drew.

Art at its best.