The Huntress by yanamari

The Huntress

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 11, 2002
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"My eyes are keen, senses honed, for the hunt of the stag."

Vilathera, the Huntress, is a digital painting for a game I am writing with friends. Completely drawn in Photoshop with a wacom.

To check out the larger image for more details:

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This piece is very well done. The water, the rocks, the clothes - everything is perportional (save for the spear - but that is AWESOME) and it looks just stunning. The tattos are especially loveable - I love them! lol. Also, the headpiece is fantastic! Her clothes and attitude can already be seen as something towards her personality. This is great for an artist. Keep working on your masterpieces! The are magnificent!

~God Bless~

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your hot!! if you ever get lonely contact i'm australia and need some "inspiration"... hehe

kexmartigan's picture

This is the best water I've seen. Her clothing & tattoos are original and imaginative, which I believe is your defining characteristic.

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Oo it's so beautyful!!! the waterfalls, her stomach and the clothes i like very much!!!

yanamari's picture

Heck, I was jonesing so much for having such a spear that _I_ didn't notice the balance issue. Then again, she is a goddess for a game book... Wink

megaflow's picture

Very nice. I'm taken with the figure (especially the "real-life" proportions) and the overall feel of the piece. I was so struck by the cool spear that I didn't even NOTICE the balance issue... Well, a good piece of art makes us forget reality, so this must have succeeded!

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Also I really like the spear, but in really life it would need something to counter balance it for effectiveness.

Not trying to pick it apart, Just oogling it for the last 45 minutes due to a slow day at work.

yanamari's picture

Thank you for the feedback! Yes, the chest is intentional. I wanted to try my hand at someone more realistic in shape. I have though about adding something to that area, maybe a pattern to the shirt, etc, but I liked it as is. But I am always open to ideas! Smile

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FIrst off, I think you area atop rate artist and enjoy looking at your artwork I find it very inspiring. You huntress is a wonderfull peice of art, but I find it lacking in feminine detail. Please dont take this wrong. I m not saying I want you to toss comic size back breaking boobs on her. The shirt she is wearing seems to be tightly fitted and not baggy. It jsut kinda feels like you skipped over this area. It feels "Blank". I was wondering if you did this intentionally? I think your sense of anaotmy is fine. I jsut thought i would give you this feedback.

yanamari's picture

I have always wanted to try my hand at a headress, but I am not the best with feathers. In the larger image, you can see that they are some type of branches. Thanks!

yanamari's picture

LOL Yeah, she just might need to do that. But it gives so much lovely room for those tats. Wink Thanks!

vuollet's picture

Eh... euummm... amm... wow...

twstdrealty8's picture

wow...the reality of the textures are amazingly great.

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I love the crispness of the cloth and the maori tattoos and headdress are fabulous. Beautiful character!

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I think that I am in love.

saznxboy's picture

Cool! I like how the rocks in the background look like faces...o and they big sphere.

devilry's picture

She must remember to pull up her pants before the hunt, or it will be a short one. Smile Great pic, the tatts and the waterfall are very well done!

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Nice pic! The fur boots, leather skirt and skin are all done exceptionally well. Good job.

wolverat's picture

This is VERY cool, Lori. The costume and the tattoos are outstanding! Great concept.

Art at its best.