Culture Shock, caused to the extelligent by the moronic by neofotistos

Culture Shock, caused to the extelligent by the moronic

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Added: Jan 27, 2002
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I really dig your art..... i've been into such my entire trip on this tired make me feel right away...instant conection. The trans-life created is a thing to make one weep. And smile. Thank you. See you in that other palce.........,Chris

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I'm still a fan. The symbolism and thought you put into your work really shows through with this, as with your other images.

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heh, and while on "symbolism".. and I'm gonna sound borborygmic for saying it though I've noticed it in your other works.. is the, uh, thing between its legs, representative of anything? ..and the marks on its tip? *rumbles off into unorganized mumbling* rmmromffypmfflmfr... (

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Heh... This reminds me of my last computer.. That bloody thing put me through so much frustration... I wish I had enough of the wisdow I have now to do the same thing as this poor robo to that damn IBM.. *Curses IBM!*

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You really are original Smile

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thank you all who have replied so far. I am shy with people who post comments on my work, so I seldom reply...

anouk> thank you so much.. the slimy things are entrails. you know, guts. the dead computer used to be a *living* computer once. it's just a symbolism anyway Smile

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I just love this one.. it contains a special feeling, something i can't describe. well, not in english anyway. Are those worms?

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Beautiful work! I like very much colors and style.

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well... she IS throwing her hands up in despair. thanks for the comments everyone.. I didn't expect my alleged "thought-provoking" paintings to actually provoke admiration!

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I think the pose is superb--almost as though he's throwing up his hands in despair. The futuristic city in the distance is very well done, as well.

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What the heck are you up to, girl? Stalking around my school to get ideas or something? This fellow looks EXACTLY like my janitor!!! (yeah, the one that took the bite out of the cupi) Only he's all suited up to clean up some kid's runny butt splash except he went insane and started wrecking the tech room instead.

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this rocks,i love the asymetrical details of the "mech"and the ironic message too...°&°

Art at its best.