Self Portrait, or On The Gender Of Angels and Red Vegetables by neofotistos

Self Portrait, or On The Gender Of Angels and Red Vegetables

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Added: Mar 13, 2002
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bored of cliche fantasy themes. here's a piece pointing out the silliness of debating such things as the gender of angels, when there's people being brainwashed all over the world...

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Hey! Apparently angels dont have belly buttons because they aren't born!

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Hi Christos, I've used your 'Self Portrait' to make a Walk for the Garden. Is that alright with you?

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great. all of it, char (even though it's not ur name). the only part of myself I see in this painting is the upper part (chest and up) and that includes the fingers which are as much like my hands as I could draw them. It goes without saying that I don't have that awesome waistline, but my lower body is indeed a carrot Sad it's so sad.


thanks for the lovely comment.

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Is't amazing, your work!
When I first saw the picture, my attention was fixed at the top, the light in his face, the expression, the wings, the regalness... and when I took the thing in as a whole, I laughed at the irony! Truly, amazing!!
Oh, and one more thing, that I thought might be kinda interesting to bring up.. The way the fifth finger (well, really "fourth" finger, cuz the thumb is considered seperate from the term "fingers") strays away from the rest of the hand, apparently, that's supposed to mean the person has an active sex drive (I would say more, like the indifference in the length of the middle and ring fingers, but I have an irrational and minute fear people might think I know too much)
And a question, why the "Self Portrait" part in the title? How do you see yourself here?
Again, wonderful work (would you mind helping an amateur?)

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Each work of yours is a great marvel to me. This is a very interesting way of seeing oneself, some 'up-in-the-sky' roots, just to say "see, I am deeply connected to my culture as a human being, but I close my eyes and climb up to sky".

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Christos!! Great to see you here. Now I think about it, Epilogue would've been strangely incomplete without your presence Smile

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good on ya!!i can sense a wabbit lurking behind those clouds

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*jaw drops* Not only is your realism and detail nice, but your concepts are great. I could stare at that strong red cloth forever.

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amazing image! love the concept. The wings are rendered amazingly here!! there's always a very inticing atmosphere to your images. very talented boy! Smile

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Your art is disturbing! I think you are a person I would really like to chat.

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wow, I love the detail in this peice. the wings look so real, as does the ribbon. ^^

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oliver, I know. the subconscious has found a good use for computer graphics. your work kicksass too Smile

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very nice ´carrot-work´ my friend,im a friend of surrealism too,you know:~)i think if Dali had the possibilities of 3d-2d tools of the 21 century,he would forget his alltime haluzinogen visions; and create stuff like this,i really mean this is a great work,keep on the rollin things...

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This is great and such a good idea and statement. I wish I had some time to do this type of art its refreashing and daring.

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Your art is satire at its best. Funny and crafty but never ridiculous or pointless, and executed with great technical skill. Everything is surrounded by an odd dignity, I aslo beleive that the saying "funny as hell" was inpired by your art Wink

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I love details, and the tiny roots at the end of the carrot are great. So are the shadows of the ribbons and all those thousand different colors you used. It all seems to be in perfect peace with eachother so thats a real accomplishment since i think only a few people associate carrots and angels. The feeling of the picture is really awesome. Love this'

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HA! Very creative. You are an excellent painter:)

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Cool! Devil Rabbits!!! Your time has gone!Smile)

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YEAH!!! AIR BORN CARROTS!!!! anyway, since angels are from the bible, aren't they? (i dunno...should be.) then the bible should be the predominant knowledge on angels so since the bible says angels have no sex, angels have no sex. There. It really dosn't make a difference whether angels have carrots for reproductive organs or whether they've got the real thing, does it?

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just saw the title : its a vegetable:)
well forgot previous
dumb me

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like it too.
cool lights,good idea.
before you, worms became they become angels.
maybe i'd prefer him (you:) to be skinhead

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Well, first of all, you're an excellent artist. Will look at the rest of your gallery after this.

But what I want to say even more...*sNeRk* I love it! Quite a way to make a statement. *g*

Art at its best.