The Rose by erin-clark

The Rose

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 28, 2002
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Lurian once more. I drew this in 1 night... it shocks even me.

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darksarcasm8's picture

The amount of detail is breath taking! 1 in the morning does always seem to be the magical time, eh? Great job=)

erin-clark's picture

*huggles him, then pushes him along*

Guest's picture

*looks lurian up and down....*
"so you da one capture Erin's heart ja? hmmm... ok fine. be happy ja.

erin-clark's picture

...... not to be impolite.. but I haven't the foggiest what you just said....

Guest's picture

bana verdiðine karþýlýk....

erin-clark's picture

ee hee hee! *huggles Gilly-chan* Thanks, Gill. This is one of my absolute favorites... I did it so fast though, I don't remember much thought going into it. I think I was working on caffiene and emotion, that night...

dila-sol's picture

Hey ERiiiiiiiiiiiiinn-CHAN!!!!! ^_____^ I'm so glad to see you on here!!! Yayy!! *happy dance* ^-^ Your pics kick @ss! I don't know how you find the patience to do all those patterns. This one is one of my favs from you. The way everything flows around is quite remarkable. ^_^

erin-clark's picture

yeah, I love the "old" style shoujo manga somewhat more than the more recent look of it. I'm not sure how much my style really is shoujo, though; I try not to stick myself into any category, even if I love that category.

erin-clark's picture

Most of the art I've been the most happy with was done late at night... I suppose it's the only time I'm free from all distraction. ^__^;; Anyway, thank you, Lela. And as long as they'll post them at Epilogue, I'll continue putting up Lurian pictures @^__^@

kurobara's picture

I really like this... For some reason it makes me think of oldschool shoujo manga. So stylish! ^_^

saffiresword's picture

Well, if found out that much of the art I´m most satisfied with, I made late at night, and not letting the pen down!
(beeing halfdead the next day too, but I didn´t mind *grin*)
And I don´t mind seeing more pictures of Lurian! heh!

Art at its best.