Lovers by sunnie


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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 14, 2002
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Jess and Chaouleon. Most people think Chaouleon looks evil on this pic, but I don't.

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i think it kicks a$$

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I like the both characters. But I'm not sure about the folds in the guy's pants, they don't look real. And the backgrounds a bit too blurry.
But I like the artwork ^^

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Correct, he's not evil. He's one of the good guys ^^

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for those who think he's evil, you're dead wrong. He may look like it but he can't be. It's just the way he dresses. Heck I design characters like him all the time. If he was, the girl would be scared of him.

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He doesn't look evil!! o_O;;; He looks over excited. And the chick looks like she's high Tongue

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ooooo he is sexy. (yummmmm!) He doesn't look evil at all. he just looks

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Well he dont look like he's evil to me!
He looks like he's just flirting with the young girl (of course he is!), dont mind what they say it looks great!

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No way...Chaouleon doesn't look evil. I think he looks cool. To be evil, he'd have to have different wings and not be SMILING. I like his smile, you did it well. He looks oriental to me, and that's just SWEET.

Art at its best.