chopper by stevethomas


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Added: Oct 14, 2002
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Just a post-apocalyptic concept.

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wow thats cool looking, you have so intesting style

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I like it-but needs a little work. Yes, to me it's another Brom inspired piece. NIce pose though.

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Katia the name you were looking for is Atlas. He was a giant that Hercules decieved to retrieve the golden apples for him. Great painting I also didn't notice the man at first. Kind of puts into perspective the position machines are gaining on humans. Great piece. ~Kysau~

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Incredible, and incredibly ironic. This reminds me somewhat of the mythical figure who holds the world upon his back...forgotten his name. I hope you know what I mean. Did you draw inspiration from myth? Katia.

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This is very eye catching, indeed! You really have to look twice.. three times! To really see whats happening.. I love when an image does that. The concept is also very original... great job all around! I love it all... except for the fact that the machine reminds me of the dentist *shudder*

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Marcela, I'm glad you didn't notice the man at first. That's exactly what I wanted. Thank you.

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ahh! i didn't even notice the man at first! Very nice design on the whole piece but especially with the machine. I agree with M Dot....the saliva and teeth are a gerat addition. Nice subtle background too.

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Thanks M Dot. I always appreciate your input.

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Great imagery- the machine takes on a real animalistic/organic feel with teeth and saliva.

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Thanks. Actually, I guess you could call it a symbiotic relationship. The machine rides on the back of the man, but the man somewhat controls the machine too. 'They' are heading into an organized match to the end.

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Very nice picture. I am currently trying to decide wether this person is trying to steal the machine or wether the machine is enslaving the person or wether I am totally wrong. Mystery machine too. Looks pretty wicked.

Art at its best.