giant_rugby by stevethomas


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 28, 2004
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Unfortunately (or fortunately) I was HEAVILY influenced by Frazetta on the mermaid (heavily). Just trying out some new things.

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stevethomas's picture

Amen to that, Scott.

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Thanks Varian. And yes, the mermaid is a giant. So good of you to notice.

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My only nit with the mermaid is that she seems too large (unless there are giant mermaids, too), but her style nicely fits in with the rest of the action. I must admit feeling grateful these guys don't play ball in my neighborhood!

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I agree with James, I see the influence, but it's not so obvious as to distract one from the overall piece. Frazetta is Godfather to a lot of fantasy artists, we all owe him for his influence.

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Thanks James. I was a bit worried about the mermaid, but then again, who in fantasy illustration isn't influence at least a little by Frazetta?

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Lovely figure work, I don't think the Fraz influence has hurt you any, Steve! she sure makes a lovely distraction from the action! your movement on all your figures is beautifully done and the vivid colours really shine! marvellous!

Art at its best.