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The Naga

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Added: Jan 29, 2004
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This is a portrait of my Achaea: DoDL (MUD) character Jacinthe, a Siren who subdues her prey by injecting various venoms into their bloodstream. Her appearance:

"She is a beautiful Siren and is as white and wispy and insubstantial as a winter dream. Built small and disarmingly fragile, she seems likely to fall to pieces at a touch. An icy fall of silver cascades past her narrow waist to her knees, unadorned but for a collection of polished silver and emerald beads which ornament one thick, solitary lock of gleaming hair, chiming sweetly at every gesture. Large and extraordinarily pale green eyes, slightly tilted and framed by thick lashes, shine above high cheekbones, guileless as a child’s. Winged brows, silvery upturned lips, and a pointed chin lend her features upward movement. Jacinthe’s porcelain skin, unmarred as freshly fallen snow, gives the impression of being cold to the touch. Her every motion is tranquil and self-possessed, and her willowy body moves with grace that belies the atmosphere of youthful naïveté that surrounds the young woman."

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Hi Holly .. I've been trying to email you .. but it keeps bouncing Sad .. I was wondering if you'd be interested in commissioning a piece for the cover of a book for me? If so reply to me here .. I adore your artwork Smile

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WOW!!! she is beautiful! amazing work..
I really like this..its my favorite one out of all your

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WOW!! Most of the time white is supposed to represent purity and goodness, but when I look at her that may be one of the last things that I see. She does look cold, as you said. She gives off this aura of being flawless, her every movement is perfect. But, she also looks like she would be sad, maybe bacause she looks cold. I don't know, I think she's great and really beautiful.You should draw more!!

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Thanks very much, Steven!

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Wow, impressive. I like how you made her soft and ice cold at the same time, if you know what i mean.

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What a lovely representation of your character!

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Thank you. =) Art is my joy, but I find writing very enjoyable as well.

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Extremely beautiful, ethereal...the description as well is quite beautiful.

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You have incredible talents to draw from- not only are your art pieces breath taking, but I would guess from that description that you are quite a writer as well.

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You sure have visualized the descriptions of Jacinthe very very well.....^^ She looks like the snow queen....^^ Tongue

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I am glad you think so! Ethereal was definitely intended~ Thanks. ^^

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Thank you very much. I think I might have used some more variety in the textures to highlight it even further, but at the time this was made it certainly an enjoyable challenge.

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My thanks! It's definitely good practice for me, and fun besides.

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Hey Den! Thanks for visiting me. =) Thank you also for your comments; I'll check for your email~

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Good use of whites and greys. The dress is very lovely with all its different textures.

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I love how you've done her all in white! That's not easy to do.

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she's so beautiful

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Beautiful picture - I love the white. Her face is so lovely!

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This is a lovely piece Holly, rendering the figure using a 'high-key' palette gives her a wonderful, ethereal quality. Including the graphic as part of the image is unusual and works well too.

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Beautiful portrait Eve... Err, Holly, rather. I'm glad to see you're finally putting more of your drawings up here! I check Epilogue quite often and this was a very welcome suprirse... And I daresay you've improved since the last time I talked to you. The girl herself is absolutely beautiful, and the coloring is simply stunning; the hair and the translucent clothe on her arms are wicked. And her eyes stand out in a very cool way from the rest of the drawing. Good job!

I haven't talked to you in years you know! And most importantly, you never drew my character or my tattoo!!! =P Just kidding just kidding... I'm not just using you for your awesome art. O_o

Anywho, if that e-mail you have listed in you gallery works, I'm going to drop you a line there. If not, you are "the suck".

On that note, I just spilt my damn drink all over the keyboard... Look what you made me do! Better clean it up...

Blasting you from the past,
~Den (or as I'm now known, Sean)

Art at its best.