The Scent of Roses by evelyn

The Scent of Roses

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 10, 2004
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A portrait of Leilani, the elite personal guard of a minor lord in the upcoming webcomic I am doing with my best friend. Bathing has almost ceremonial importance to the people of the empire the story takes place in, and bath houses are not uncommon sights in its cities.

Thanks to the kind folks of the Epilogue WIP forum and devART; your advice pushed this picture beyond where it could have gone without you.

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I love it! I like all of your pictures but this one is awesome ^_^ I really like the rose. Hard to do those and the water and hair is superb Tongue

evelyn's picture

Oh! Well why not?! ;P I hope you get signed up soon. ^^ Thank ya for stopping by~

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The thing is Holly...

I'm not a member of Epilogue! Well... not yet anyway. I'm only a forum member at the mo. Wink

evelyn's picture

Thanks very much! A WarCraft fan? =)

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I love this picture of yours, and many of your others. I've visited your website and I really like the warcraft skins. Great job!

evelyn's picture

lol Thank you Myth. You should sign in so I can recognize you! =)

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I love it! Her skin is beautiful and the water looks great. Very nice job! Smile

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It cut a chunk from my comment?!!!

I think it's because I used those funny brackets...

What I actually said was '!Yay! About time it got in! (Mythmaker joins in happy hampster dance... feels rediculous but is happy all the same).'

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!Yay! About time it got in!

Glad you kept at it!

ooo... this is my first art comment! Laughing out loud

evelyn's picture

I'm glad you think so, Marley. Now I just need to become as great at creating a mood and a scene as you! ^^

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wow this piece really came the distance,yes i too spied the W.I.P,i'm impressed you should be proud of this.Love the water ripple effect too!.great work Laughing out loud.

evelyn's picture

Aww, thank you Marie! That's so sweet. ^^ *beams* Thanks very much for your support~

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YAY! You got it in! *does happy hamster dance* This is just such a lovely piece! I really adore it. When you make prints of this, tell me because I will buy one! Laughing out loud

Art at its best.