RAT MAN!!! by christar


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 25, 2004
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Half Man, Half Rat!
Does he look familiar!?!
This original artwork is for sale if anyone would actually like to own it. Just email me with an offer.

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christar's picture

Ha! That's funny! What's not funny is that this guy is going to try & re-institute the draft to fight his oil wars if he gets re-elected. Sad

thejeff's picture

ha. love it! this explains his skill in helping his pack rat-ify so many bills;)

christar's picture

Thanks J.P.
I wish I could really draw the type of creature I think Bush is, but the S.S. would probably shoot me. Lol.
Glad you like it!! ^___^

vengince's picture

this is rad man awesome..though I always saw Bushy as a monkey but a rat will do.

christar's picture

Thanks, I couldn't resist submitting this. It's probably the most frightening thing in the entire Horror category here.

christar's picture

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and completely indifferent to the sufferings of the poor, I thought a rat fit his countenance well (nothing personal against rats Socar lol)

christar's picture

Well, both Bush & Kerry belonged to the Skull and Bones club at Yale, so I guess it really doesn't matter which one you like, they both follow the same plan. One just seems to be the lesser of two evils.

Guest's picture

Now all you need is a Horse faced jackass for Kerry to finish the set.

j-art's picture

ha hahahah - lol - this one made my day - funfantastic work!!!!!

thrax-1's picture

haha good ol george dubya. Very politically driven chris hehe. a fine technique while i'm at it!, lovely shading for the whole image. cool beans, a great addition to your gallery!.

Art at its best.